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Need a Job? Socialist Freedom Party Has a Gig for you

This group is agitating for a $20/hr. minimum wage and you can do all of their graphic design, web management, create all of the flyers and other cool stuff.

For $13/hr.

You can’t make this stuff up.

“We are a socialist feminist political party, so interest in the fights for women’s/LGBTQI/people of color/immigrant rights, as well as other pressing social issues, is encouraged.”

I’ve got a question and a guess.  I’m pretty much familiar with what LGBT stands for, but this message says LGBTQI.  We now have new dysfunctions to bundle into the movement?   I’m assuming that Q stands for Queer, which was once the N word of homosexuality but like the N word, has been embraced by the prancing class, much like the N word has been embraced by segments of the African American community.

But what does ‘I’ stand for at the end of this jumble?

I’ve got some ideas that I’ll keep to myself, but if anyone actually knows I’d appreciate the illumination.




Update:  A Google search of the ‘I’ reveals the term ‘Intersex’, where people are born with mutant sex organs that don’t reveal what their gender actually is.  How many people can that be, exactly?  And why would they collectively advertise it?  Such things used to relegated to traveling shows with carnival barkers.

I can see why they got tacked onto the END of the movement.  Obviously they can’t lead this parade.

Wow.  Was that an unfortunate Google search.  I’m scarred for life.

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Jeopardy Contestants’ Careers Remind Me of George Costanza…..Mostly

Sorry.  I can’t do politics all the time.  So I went to Jeopardy for a bit of escapism.  Tonight’s show has three contestants, of course.

Three dudes.

An Architect, one of George’s dream vocations if you will recall.

A Romance Novelist.  I can see George doing that.

A Risk Assessment Manager.  Talk about a nebulous job.  That seems like a perfect George Costanza job.  Just walk around saying ‘Too risky.  I wouldn’t do that.’

We’re considering expanding our business to western Africa so we’ll take a trip to lay the groundwork next week….. 

Risk Assessment Manager’s reply…. Um.  Too risky.  I wouldn’t do that.

Oh and the guy who is the Romance Novelist?  He’s from Massachusetts and he runs a non profit that brings Afghanis to America to attend college.

I was hoping the Risk Assessment Manager would say.

Too risky.  I wouldn’t do that.

But he didn’t.

OK.  Everything is politics.  That’s just the way things are these days.


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Barack’s Jihad on America

What sort of President is this Barack Hussein Obama?

  • Who disarms his nation’s military, the best military the world has ever known in the face of international and internal threats such as we have now? He has gutted the officer corps, the overall troop levels, the level of armaments and most present and future weapons systems.
  • Who intentionally destroys his nation’s economy, once the strongest economy in the world, causing massive destruction to the national morale and strength of a nation?
  • Who not only allows its borders to be penetrated with impunity, but takes extra effort to integrate unvaccinated, uneducated and unscreened individuals from all parts of the world into every community within its ‘borders’ and every school within the nation without providing any such locality with information as to who has just been inserted into those communities?
  • Who welcomes extremely communicative and deadly diseases like Ebola and Enterovirus D68 into the country?
  • Who not only precipitated the exit from a previously won war against jihadism, but set up an environment that encourages the establishment of the Caliphate in Iraq and Syria all while setting up another power vacuum in Afghanistan?
  • Who ‘Led from behind’ as he joyously witnessed the islamification of Libya and Egypt?
  • Who golfs incessantly while ISIS conquers Iraq and Syria responding with impotent pin prick strikes only after an outcry from the American people about video beheadings?
  • Who sends in thousands of his own troops into a disease riddled part of the world to execute an unknown mission, exposing them to Ebola and probably terrorism?
  • Who dismisses mass murder of American troops at the hands of Major Nidal Hassan as ‘work place violence’?
  • Who champions state sponsored mass abortion and euthanasia through this ‘health care’ plan?
  • Who purposefully destroys the Secret Service because he doesn’t want those people to know what is happening within the confines of the White House?
  • Who continues to be an apologist for Islam, calling it a ‘religion of peace’ against undeniable evidence to the contrary, while constantly being a critic of America and western civilization when before the world stage at the United Nations?

The only possible conclusion I can reach is that Barack Hussein Obama is waging a Jihad against America.

Of course, if you know of the muslim strategy of Taqiyya, which condones lying if this deception enables ‘possibilities’ to enhance the muslim cause, then all of this begins to make sense.  The president lies to us incessantly, tells us that preventing travel from west Africa would exacerbate the problem of Ebola here in America, even though that is completely illogical and we all know it….that closing our southern border isn’t feasible even though we all know that we beat the Germans and Japanese in WWII and the southern border would be closed if the government wanted it to be.

It’s all Taqiyya.

His contempt for this country is well documented, but his overall plan can only be known to him.

But I think I’m onto something.

Barack is on a jihad. He hates us, each and every one of us.

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Vice President Joe Biden Volunteers for a Very Dangerous Mission


Yesterday Joe Biden attended a memorial for the late James Brady, Press Secretary for President Ronald Reagan who took a bullet to the head during the assassination attempt of the President. But this ‘memorial’ was really a pep rally for the gun control movement in America, at which our Vice President stated…

What we need is another Jim Brady, who has the skill and the ability to convince those who are afraid, who walks the halls of Congress, to step up and do what they know is right. One will come along. It will happen. I pray God it is sooner rather than later.

I’m not really sure what Uncle Joe was saying, because it is, after all, Uncle Joe,  the country’s beloved idiot.  But it sounds like he’s hoping for another high profile gun shot victim….or something.

Are you volunteering to take one for the team, sir?


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Note to self. Keep Weight below 500 lbs.

Cremation of 500 lb. man causes massive grease fire, setting roof of crematorium ablaze.

Kindly, the local media didn’t out your name as the source of the grease fire because you weighed 500 lbs. and things got a little heated when your fat exploded into a roof fire at the crematorium.

Generally speaking, I start out with a rosemary/cumin/brown sugar rub.  But I usually keep the heat on the smoker on low for the first few hours.  Then I……..

OK.  Not even I can go there.

But a bed of potatoes, parsnips and carrots……

.I should be forgiven as I once was enrolled in Tahoe Truckee High School, very near where the Donner Party once dined upon….themselves.  Local humor in the casinos went something like this.

Loudspeaker….Donner…Party of 12 your table is waiting.

Ten minutes later…Donner…Party of 11 your table is waiting.

You get the rest of the joke.  It ends with ‘Mr. Donner your table is waiting.’

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Another Obama First. First Ebola Death in America. Congratulations, Mr. President.

So many ‘Firsts’ for the ‘First Black President’.  We could go through the list again, but why bore ourselves?

And again the CDC comes out for what are now daily Ebola pressers, another first, to tell us that NO, we will not restrict air travel from the west African nations to America, but instead will have more detailed questionnaires of prospective air travelers.

Ah.  The deadly detailed questionnaire.  That’ll do it.

In the meantime…..

We used to have Ellis Island, which was the place where immigrants entered so that their health could be assessed prior to entering the country.

I was chatting with Martin McMartin and he was recalling that astronauts, after reentry from space, were placed in isolation for two weeks prior to reentry into the general population.

But those precautions were an overreaction to possible contamination fueled by xenophobia and astroxenophobia, but we are much more sophisticated these days.  Now we open the doors to all aliens.

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Ugh. I Didn’t Want to be the one to say it….

But I just watched the wooden, scripted, Ed Gillespie debate the wooden, scripted, Senator Mark Warner in the Virginia Senate debate.

And the more wooden candidate would lose.

Hello log boy, Ed Gillespie.

You sucked in a way that was totally predictable, which was kinda unpredictable.  How could you suck this much?

I saw this coming but was hoping for better.  Much, much better.  You just lost.  Coward.

You should have been able to smack Warner/Obama about the face and neck, figuratively speaking.  But you sounded like a sweater salesman at Nordstrom.

And that was your last and only opportunity to differentiate yourself.


Update:  This post was my initial reaction to Ed’s performance in the debate, but it would be irresponsible of me to not elaborate on my initial reaction.

Gay marriage?  The stacked Obama courts pushed through a ruling that the people voted against.  Ed’s reaction?

Well, it’s the courts and who am I to challenge the courts?

12 people in black robes overrule the will of the people?   That’s your answer?

Well, may I remind you that the same court ruled that black people were property in Dred Scott?  How about Plessey vs. Ferguson ‘separate but equal’?  How about the internment of Japanese Americans during the Second World War?  The courts all upheld these despicable decisions.

And yet, to you, the Court overrules the will of the people.  How many people died in the Civil War over Dred Scott?  How long did it take before the people overruled the Courts over separate but equal?  How about the internment of the Japanese during WWII?

Are the illuminati of the courts, those wise overseers of all that is good and just infallible?

Are we, as free citizens, ruled by a few thousand people on the bench, many of whom are recent Obama appointees, who toss out the will of the people in order to cram their personal policy preferences down the throats of the American people?

Did you see the cover of today’s Richmond Times Dispatch?  I did.  Activist lesbians celebrated their defiance of the will of the people of Virginia.  And they dare you to mess with them.  Those were some tough looking broads.  I understand your reluctance.

I’m beyond the ‘not that there’s anything wrong with that’ Seinfeld laugh line.  There IS something wrong with that.  And it’s time to get serious.

Look, Ed.  I’ve completely had it with people who defy societal norms publicly and with prejudice, seeking to normalize themselves at the expense of the majority.

Work with me Ed.

And then there was the Obamacare bit, where you sounded just like the scoundrels that inflicted it on us in the first place.

No.  Mark Warner/Obama’s error doesn’t need to be fixed.  It was intentional and evil and purposeful in order to forward a socialist vision of government medicine.  Virginia’s error in electing him needs to be fixed and Obama’s power grab needs to be ejected, rejected and tossed aside immediately.

How hard is that?

Broken economy?  Obama/Warner intentionally broke the economy.  This economy doesn’t need to be tinkered with at the edges.  Socialism/Fairness/Communism needs to be dispatched with along with the people who engineered it.

But keep playing patty cake with the establishment.  We’ve moved along from the Ed Gillespie’s of the world.  Hopefully you won’t drag down the rest of the Republican ticket, as I fear you will do.

As for the rest of the debate……….I moved along from that at about the 45 minute mark.

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Administrative Power and Preogative Power and Absolute Power Explained

The latest edition of Imprimis from Hillsdale College just arrived and I it is even better than most, as derived from a speech to the College from Philip Hamburger who is a lauded professor from Columbia Law School, but has taught law at Univ. Chicago Law, Univ of VA Law, Northwestern Law, etc.

Imprimis is always excellent.  This piece is better than excellent.  I’ll excerpt it and get out of the way, encouraging you to read the whole thing.  It’s not long.  And there is nothing I can add to what the distinguished professors says.  Every American needs to recognize that ceding power to the unaccountable administrative state is nothing new, and the consequences are devastating to the individual and the state itself.  I also encourage you to subscribe to this free monthly.

Here are some excerpts:

Administrative law is commonly defended as a new sort of power, a product of the 19th and the 20th centuries that developed to deal with the problems of modern society in all its complexity. From this perspective, the Framers of the Constitution could not have anticipated it and the Constitution could not have barred it. What I will suggest, in contrast, is that administrative power is actually very old. It revives what used to be called prerogative or absolute power, and it is thus something that the Constitution centrally prohibited.


In a way we can think of administrative law as a form of off-road driving. The Constitution offers two avenues of binding power—acts of Congress and acts of the courts. Administrative acts by executive agencies are a way of driving off-road, exercising power through other pathways. For those in the driver’s seat, this can be quite exhilarating. For the rest of us, it’s a little unnerving.

The Constitution authorizes three types of power, as we all learned in school—the legislative power is located in Congress, executive power is located in the president and his subordinates, and the judicial power is located in the courts. How does administrative power fit into that arrangement?

The conventional answer to this question is based on the claim of the modernity of administrative law. Administrative law, this argument usually goes, began in 1887 when Congress created the Interstate Commerce Commission, and it expanded decade by decade as Congress created more such agencies.


After absolute power was defeated in England and America, it circled back from the continent through Germany, and especially through Prussia. There, what once had been the personal prerogative power of kings became the bureaucratic administrative power of the states. The Prussians were the leaders of this development in the 17th and 18th centuries. In the 19th century they became the primary theorists of administrative power, and many of them celebrated its evasion of constitutional law and constitutional rights.

This German theory would become the intellectual source of American administrative law. Thousands upon thousands of Americans studied administrative power in Germany, and what they learned there about administrative power became standard fare in American universities. At the same time, in the political sphere, American Progressives were becoming increasingly discontent with elected legislatures, and they increasingly embraced German theories of administration and defended the imposition of administrative law in America in terms of pragmatism and necessity.

That’s as far as I can excerpt because I don’t want to rip Hillsdale or the professor off, but only begins to scratch the surface of what the professor was saying.  Go read the whole thing and arm yourself with the ammunition you need to discuss this with your friends and foes. It’s really good stuff.  I find that last part about how American progressives learned the power of the administrative state and how our universities embraced the notion quite revealing.  It explains a lot.

Go read the whole thing.  And subscribe to Imprimis for free.  It’s always worth the 10 minutes it takes to read it.  (OK, 15 minutes for me as I am a slow reader.  But I call this internally disgesting content.)  You’ll be smarter than your friends because of it.


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Were you able to suffer through the White House presser about Ebola today?  It was pretty brief and was filled with the brightest minds the administration has to offer.  Here it is.

Whoops.  That’s not it, but it pretty much encapsulated the message, which was……………….slam the door on sick Africans from coming here in droves?.  Any suggestion along these lines is racially motivated and it is imperative that you listen to your moral superiors….or something.

You figure it out.  I can’t.

It’s so cute, these leftist retards can’t keep people out of the front door of the White House, but they’re prepared to deal with this crisis.  They can’t secure the borders.  They didn’t see ISIS/ISIL coming.

But Dammit.  They’re on top of this.

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Mark Warner Realizes That His Votes Are Destroying Virginia and Goes to the Old Playbook—Enron

Virginia Senator Mark Warner is the biggest phony in politics and that’s saying something.  He always casts himself as a commonsense pro-business centrist but consistently votes ultraliberal, including voting for Obamacare.  Warner votes with Obama 97% of the time.

That fact is catching up to him so he has to pull out the old Enron lobbyist charge against his Republican opponent, Ed Gillespie.

The Enron debacle was a bad thing, but it didn’t exact the kind of damage on ordinary people as Mark Warner’s votes have.  The perpetrators of the Enron fraud were convicted of crimes and have been punished.  I am aware of no criminal accusations against Gillespie.  However, the perpetrators of Obamacare, a bill pushed through with threats and bribes, have yet to be held to account for the harm they have inflicted on ordinary Americans.  Let’s hope that changes on Nov. 4th.  Mark Warner needs to pay for his duplicity.

Really, Marky?  You can’t run on your own record so you have to go straight to the character assassination?

Of course you do.  I would expect nothing less from a disingenuous, far left politician like yourself.

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