Need a Job? Socialist Freedom Party Has a Gig for you

17 Oct

This group is agitating for a $20/hr. minimum wage and you can do all of their graphic design, web management, create all of the flyers and other cool stuff.

For $13/hr.

You can’t make this stuff up.

“We are a socialist feminist political party, so interest in the fights for women’s/LGBTQI/people of color/immigrant rights, as well as other pressing social issues, is encouraged.”

I’ve got a question and a guess.  I’m pretty much familiar with what LGBT stands for, but this message says LGBTQI.  We now have new dysfunctions to bundle into the movement?   I’m assuming that Q stands for Queer, which was once the N word of homosexuality but like the N word, has been embraced by the prancing class, much like the N word has been embraced by segments of the African American community.

But what does ‘I’ stand for at the end of this jumble?

I’ve got some ideas that I’ll keep to myself, but if anyone actually knows I’d appreciate the illumination.




Update:  A Google search of the ‘I’ reveals the term ‘Intersex’, where people are born with mutant sex organs that don’t reveal what their gender actually is.  How many people can that be, exactly?  And why would they collectively advertise it?  Such things used to relegated to traveling shows with carnival barkers.

I can see why they got tacked onto the END of the movement.  Obviously they can’t lead this parade.

Wow.  Was that an unfortunate Google search.  I’m scarred for life.

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Posted by on October 17, 2014 in politics


One response to “Need a Job? Socialist Freedom Party Has a Gig for you

  1. Chillingworth

    October 22, 2014 at 11:31 am

    The minimum-wage hypocrisy reminds me of this Remy-Reason parody video:


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