Barack’s Jihad on America

13 Oct

What sort of President is this Barack Hussein Obama?

  • Who disarms his nation’s military, the best military the world has ever known in the face of international and internal threats such as we have now? He has gutted the officer corps, the overall troop levels, the level of armaments and most present and future weapons systems.
  • Who intentionally destroys his nation’s economy, once the strongest economy in the world, causing massive destruction to the national morale and strength of a nation?
  • Who not only allows its borders to be penetrated with impunity, but takes extra effort to integrate unvaccinated, uneducated and unscreened individuals from all parts of the world into every community within its ‘borders’ and every school within the nation without providing any such locality with information as to who has just been inserted into those communities?
  • Who welcomes extremely communicative and deadly diseases like Ebola and Enterovirus D68 into the country?
  • Who not only precipitated the exit from a previously won war against jihadism, but set up an environment that encourages the establishment of the Caliphate in Iraq and Syria all while setting up another power vacuum in Afghanistan?
  • Who ‘Led from behind’ as he joyously witnessed the islamification of Libya and Egypt?
  • Who golfs incessantly while ISIS conquers Iraq and Syria responding with impotent pin prick strikes only after an outcry from the American people about video beheadings?
  • Who sends in thousands of his own troops into a disease riddled part of the world to execute an unknown mission, exposing them to Ebola and probably terrorism?
  • Who dismisses mass murder of American troops at the hands of Major Nidal Hassan as ‘work place violence’?
  • Who champions state sponsored mass abortion and euthanasia through this ‘health care’ plan?
  • Who purposefully destroys the Secret Service because he doesn’t want those people to know what is happening within the confines of the White House?
  • Who continues to be an apologist for Islam, calling it a ‘religion of peace’ against undeniable evidence to the contrary, while constantly being a critic of America and western civilization when before the world stage at the United Nations?

The only possible conclusion I can reach is that Barack Hussein Obama is waging a Jihad against America.

Of course, if you know of the muslim strategy of Taqiyya, which condones lying if this deception enables ‘possibilities’ to enhance the muslim cause, then all of this begins to make sense.  The president lies to us incessantly, tells us that preventing travel from west Africa would exacerbate the problem of Ebola here in America, even though that is completely illogical and we all know it….that closing our southern border isn’t feasible even though we all know that we beat the Germans and Japanese in WWII and the southern border would be closed if the government wanted it to be.

It’s all Taqiyya.

His contempt for this country is well documented, but his overall plan can only be known to him.

But I think I’m onto something.

Barack is on a jihad. He hates us, each and every one of us.

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Posted by on October 13, 2014 in politics


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