Note to self. Keep Weight below 500 lbs.

08 Oct

Cremation of 500 lb. man causes massive grease fire, setting roof of crematorium ablaze.

Kindly, the local media didn’t out your name as the source of the grease fire because you weighed 500 lbs. and things got a little heated when your fat exploded into a roof fire at the crematorium.

Generally speaking, I start out with a rosemary/cumin/brown sugar rub.  But I usually keep the heat on the smoker on low for the first few hours.  Then I……..

OK.  Not even I can go there.

But a bed of potatoes, parsnips and carrots……

.I should be forgiven as I once was enrolled in Tahoe Truckee High School, very near where the Donner Party once dined upon….themselves.  Local humor in the casinos went something like this.

Loudspeaker….Donner…Party of 12 your table is waiting.

Ten minutes later…Donner…Party of 11 your table is waiting.

You get the rest of the joke.  It ends with ‘Mr. Donner your table is waiting.’

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