Another Obama First. First Ebola Death in America. Congratulations, Mr. President.

08 Oct

So many ‘Firsts’ for the ‘First Black President’.  We could go through the list again, but why bore ourselves?

And again the CDC comes out for what are now daily Ebola pressers, another first, to tell us that NO, we will not restrict air travel from the west African nations to America, but instead will have more detailed questionnaires of prospective air travelers.

Ah.  The deadly detailed questionnaire.  That’ll do it.

In the meantime…..

We used to have Ellis Island, which was the place where immigrants entered so that their health could be assessed prior to entering the country.

I was chatting with Martin McMartin and he was recalling that astronauts, after reentry from space, were placed in isolation for two weeks prior to reentry into the general population.

But those precautions were an overreaction to possible contamination fueled by xenophobia and astroxenophobia, but we are much more sophisticated these days.  Now we open the doors to all aliens.

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Posted by on October 8, 2014 in politics


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