Ugh. I Didn’t Want to be the one to say it….

07 Oct

But I just watched the wooden, scripted, Ed Gillespie debate the wooden, scripted, Senator Mark Warner in the Virginia Senate debate.

And the more wooden candidate would lose.

Hello log boy, Ed Gillespie.

You sucked in a way that was totally predictable, which was kinda unpredictable.  How could you suck this much?

I saw this coming but was hoping for better.  Much, much better.  You just lost.  Coward.

You should have been able to smack Warner/Obama about the face and neck, figuratively speaking.  But you sounded like a sweater salesman at Nordstrom.

And that was your last and only opportunity to differentiate yourself.


Update:  This post was my initial reaction to Ed’s performance in the debate, but it would be irresponsible of me to not elaborate on my initial reaction.

Gay marriage?  The stacked Obama courts pushed through a ruling that the people voted against.  Ed’s reaction?

Well, it’s the courts and who am I to challenge the courts?

12 people in black robes overrule the will of the people?   That’s your answer?

Well, may I remind you that the same court ruled that black people were property in Dred Scott?  How about Plessey vs. Ferguson ‘separate but equal’?  How about the internment of Japanese Americans during the Second World War?  The courts all upheld these despicable decisions.

And yet, to you, the Court overrules the will of the people.  How many people died in the Civil War over Dred Scott?  How long did it take before the people overruled the Courts over separate but equal?  How about the internment of the Japanese during WWII?

Are the illuminati of the courts, those wise overseers of all that is good and just infallible?

Are we, as free citizens, ruled by a few thousand people on the bench, many of whom are recent Obama appointees, who toss out the will of the people in order to cram their personal policy preferences down the throats of the American people?

Did you see the cover of today’s Richmond Times Dispatch?  I did.  Activist lesbians celebrated their defiance of the will of the people of Virginia.  And they dare you to mess with them.  Those were some tough looking broads.  I understand your reluctance.

I’m beyond the ‘not that there’s anything wrong with that’ Seinfeld laugh line.  There IS something wrong with that.  And it’s time to get serious.

Look, Ed.  I’ve completely had it with people who defy societal norms publicly and with prejudice, seeking to normalize themselves at the expense of the majority.

Work with me Ed.

And then there was the Obamacare bit, where you sounded just like the scoundrels that inflicted it on us in the first place.

No.  Mark Warner/Obama’s error doesn’t need to be fixed.  It was intentional and evil and purposeful in order to forward a socialist vision of government medicine.  Virginia’s error in electing him needs to be fixed and Obama’s power grab needs to be ejected, rejected and tossed aside immediately.

How hard is that?

Broken economy?  Obama/Warner intentionally broke the economy.  This economy doesn’t need to be tinkered with at the edges.  Socialism/Fairness/Communism needs to be dispatched with along with the people who engineered it.

But keep playing patty cake with the establishment.  We’ve moved along from the Ed Gillespie’s of the world.  Hopefully you won’t drag down the rest of the Republican ticket, as I fear you will do.

As for the rest of the debate……….I moved along from that at about the 45 minute mark.

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