Mark Warner Realizes That His Votes Are Destroying Virginia and Goes to the Old Playbook—Enron

02 Oct

Virginia Senator Mark Warner is the biggest phony in politics and that’s saying something.  He always casts himself as a commonsense pro-business centrist but consistently votes ultraliberal, including voting for Obamacare.  Warner votes with Obama 97% of the time.

That fact is catching up to him so he has to pull out the old Enron lobbyist charge against his Republican opponent, Ed Gillespie.

The Enron debacle was a bad thing, but it didn’t exact the kind of damage on ordinary people as Mark Warner’s votes have.  The perpetrators of the Enron fraud were convicted of crimes and have been punished.  I am aware of no criminal accusations against Gillespie.  However, the perpetrators of Obamacare, a bill pushed through with threats and bribes, have yet to be held to account for the harm they have inflicted on ordinary Americans.  Let’s hope that changes on Nov. 4th.  Mark Warner needs to pay for his duplicity.

Really, Marky?  You can’t run on your own record so you have to go straight to the character assassination?

Of course you do.  I would expect nothing less from a disingenuous, far left politician like yourself.


One response to “Mark Warner Realizes That His Votes Are Destroying Virginia and Goes to the Old Playbook—Enron

  1. Virginia Dare

    October 26, 2014 at 2:34 pm

    The question I would ask Mark Warner is what were you promised for your investment in ENRON? Was it a lucrative contract on your Capital Cellular Broadband Communications NEXTEL and what was to be the price you would have been paid if the CEOs and Chief Financial Officers had not taken down the company? DO NOT smear someone else, if your hands are not clean!


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