You Know Who is Responsible for the Uptick in Sexual Assaults in the Military?

09 Jun

Why, Rush Limbaugh, of course, according to the Daily Kos.

First off, it has been reported that there is an increase in sexual assaults. Who knows if it’s true.
Second. Are these all an increase in male on female sexual assaults or in the new, sexually liberated Obama military, is there an uptick in same sex sexual assaults?

Who knows?

But it doesn’t matter.

This email just came across the transom….

P. Henry, please join Daily Kos in demanding that the Pentagon pull Rush Limbaugh from the Armed Forces Network—a taxpayer-funded radio station that broadcasts on U.S. military bases. Click here to sign the petition.

Limbaugh’s misogynistic rants have prompted advertisers to pull their sponsorship, and many radio stations have stopped airing his program. But the Armed Forces Network (AFN)—heard by millions of U.S. military personnel on bases across the world—still broadcasts his show.

The Pentagon faces a serious problem of sex abuse, as more women on military bases report horrific cases of sexual assaults by other servicemembers. We need a culture change in the military, and that includes pulling Rush Limbaugh’s program from their airwaves.

Please sign our petition to the Department of Defense asking that they pull Rush Limbaugh’s program from the Armed Forces Network.

Keep fighting,
Rachel Colyer, Daily Kos

So I guess the Daily Kooks have finally realized that blaming Bush is waning in impact, so they had to modernize. Now it’s ‘Blame Rush’. And Daily Kooks also are all about the First Amendment, for themselves, but not for dissenters.

And in the Obama military, where superior officers are ordering troops to not read Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin or Sean Hannity while in uniform, coupled with all of the other actions against the First Amendment that this prezzie has undertaken, it might just work.

But I think I know Rush, having been a listener for several decades. If Obama successfully pulls Rush from AFN, he will offer free 24/7 memberships to all active duty military. I could be wrong. It’s just a hunch. How does he phrase it when speculating about what the left will do next? ‘Wisdom guided by experience’ tells us what he’ll do.

Let’s just say that he won’t take this lying down and will stymie efforts to have his voice silenced.

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