Can We Cut the Crap?

28 May

I watch the Tooob and read the blogs and newspapers with increasing annoyance. Did Obama know about the systematic harrassment and thuggery used against his political enemies by his union goons bolstered by the threat of government action against individuals? The IRS v. Tea Parties? The EPA v. Gibson Guitars? Tea Party people physically assaulted by unionistas? The IRS audits of Romney’s biggest donors?

The politipunditry dance around it, but can we face facts? Or, in the words of Hillary Clinton ‘what difference does it make?’


I don’t have to dance around it. Obama not only knew about his assault on individuals, he engineered it, directed it, got reports on its progress and reaped the benefits of it. The opponents were silenced and neutered.

What, am I supposed to be all politically correct here? The man is a communist/community organizer/thug who has a history of taking out his opponents by force.

We’ll just wait to the facts to come in.

This stinks of Obama.

When did the President know? As soon as he gave the directive to take out his political opponents.

There is no question in my mind.

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Posted by on May 28, 2013 in politics


One response to “Can We Cut the Crap?

  1. Deborah Sampson

    May 30, 2013 at 6:48 pm

    I’m with you P. Henry. Watching Jay the Carney try to hawk the Obama lies without tripping over his own words would be downright hilarious if the situation weren’t so dire. That Carney hasn’t resigned is proof that his common sense has been completely eclipsed by his ideology.


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