Disillusionment. It’s What’s for Dinner

16 May

We all know that the Democrats are shysters, crooks and con men. That’s a given.

But it is simply disappointing when people you have placed your faith in, who profess to be in your camp, who speak the words that motivate you to work on their behalf then betray the principles that we all thought we shared.

It is disappointing that “conservative icons” Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan shill for the latest amnesty bill in a radio ad, calling inaction the “real amnesty”. When Paul Ryan talks about the horror of having two classes of people in this country, completely abandoning the notion that we don’t have two classes of Americans. We have citizens living here. And we have illegal people poaching on our country living here, with no distinction between the two.

Dammit, they’re illegals and they’re not entitled to the American dream unless they come through the front door. Stop lying to us. First about the issues and second about who you are and who you represent.

It is also disappointing when Virginia’s Mr. Clean, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, has been exposed for taking gifts from sycophant tycoons. I was all in for Ken but I’m not so much a fan now. I’m now a bit meh on Ken.

And now we’re headed to the VA Republican convention to nominate him as our candidate for Governor.

Dude. People don’t come to me lavishing gifts. What were you thinking? Why would you accept such gifts? Don’t you know that there is no such thing as free? The reason people lavish gifts on you is that they want something.


I’m not saying that you engaged in any sort of quid pro quo, but WHY, WHY, WHY would you cede the moral high ground of your status as squeaky clean to the dirt bag, Terry McAuliffe in this race? Now it’s a fucking issue. Nicely played, sir.

It’s an unforced error.

You shouldn’t have taken as much as a stick of gum from anyone.

OK. Maybe gum.

But no more.

Now we all have to wonder if you can be influenced with filthy lucre.

I’m sorry to be this blunt, but this is what ordinary citizens are thinking and what one of your formerly ardent supporters is thinking.


Posted by on May 16, 2013 in politics


2 responses to “Disillusionment. It’s What’s for Dinner

  1. nooneofanyimport

    May 17, 2013 at 4:35 pm


  2. Pedro

    May 20, 2013 at 12:39 pm

    And the beat goes on.


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