Thank you, Obama voters!!

16 Nov

As the dust settles from the inevitable post-election fallout and finger pointing one thing is clearly emerging, that Obama is going to push even harder to drive this country in the wrong direction. Thank you, Obama voters!  He couldn’t do it without you!

It is quickly becoming clear that information given to the White House from the CIA that Benghazi was a terrorist attack was “sanitized” by the Administration somewhere along the line so the attack could be blamed on a stupid YouTube video.  Key Administration officials (i.e. Susan Rice) either lied about the attack or were intentionally misled (i.e. lied to) by someone who gave her her talking points.  Either scenario is disgusting.  If she did not know she was lying you would think she would be a bit more upset that she was lied to.  Hmmm……

The markets have slid significantly starting the day after the election. Coincidence?  Maybe the markets are smarter than the electorate and the markets realize that if Obama’s tax, spending and regulatory policies continue to be implemented then the economy will continue to be in the tank. If so, then you might as well sell now.  Personally, I think the markets are pricing assets correctly and are telling us that the economy is in worse shape than we realize.  I hope you were short Apple stock.

Obama’s failed outreach to the Islamic world and his spineless approach to dealing with our enemies have emboldened the radicals in the Mideast and there is a strong possibility of a major war. Maybe it is time Obama returned his Noble Peace Prize. Obama’s problem is not just that his policies are wrong (reaching out to terrorists is doomed to fail, the terrorists are playing him for a chump) but that no one is scared of him. Imagine that, being President and your enemies are not scared of America.  Sort of like being Jimmy Carter?

Obamacare is already hurting businesses and the economy. You don’t have to look too far to find an announcement from a business that is cutting back employee’s hours to avoid full-time status or just out and out firing people.  In a triumph of government efficiency, today was the deadline for states to decide whether to have a health care exchange or not.  It wasn’t the deadline to have the exchange operating, mind you, just the deadline to have made the decision to have an exchange.  Some states have chosen to not set up exchanges, but guess what; states got an extension of the deadline to make a decision.  The exchanges are supposed to operating in 2014. Aren’t you glad that these paragons of decision making efficiency at various levels of government who could not meet this deadline will in effect be controlling your health care? Hey, President Obama, I have a bad headache. Do you know what would make it go away?

Germany’s estimate of GDP growth was recently lowered to 0.7% from 1.7%. Big drop, huh? It is also a big drop in their ability to continually bail out Greece, Spain, Italy, etc.  Watch out, below.

Well, to all the Obama voters out there, just in case you had any doubts about what magnificent wonders Obama’s reelection would bestow upon the nation, the last few days will give you a glimpse of why he was such a bad choice for President.

Thank you, Obama voters for making that lesson abundantly clear.


Posted by on November 16, 2012 in politics


2 responses to “Thank you, Obama voters!!

  1. P. Henry Saddleburr

    November 16, 2012 at 10:44 pm

    By this time next week Israel will be in a hot war, we’ll still not know what happened in Benghazi (officially), there won’t be a grand deal that is palatable on the fiscal cliff, and Obama will probably be on vacation somewhere on our dime.

    That’s what happens when Americans annoint a Pharoah rather than elect a President.

  2. nooneofanyimport

    November 19, 2012 at 10:41 pm

    I only wish we didn’t have to witness this lesson for the next 4 years.


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