Two Quick Thoughts About What is Wrong with “The Narrative”

15 Nov

These thoughts are about things that are completely unrelated in some ways, and entirely related in another.

The first is in regard to the whole Benghazi affair, where Democrats, including the President, keep trying to provide cover for the administration’s initial assertion that the assault on our ambassador and the compound was the result of a protest gone haywire. Obama and his minions in the press corps keep saying that UN Ambassador Susan Rice received her info from the Director of National Intelligence.

Can I remind everyone what a genius, this James Clapper is? Remember this?

Yes. The MUSLIM Brotherhood is ‘largely secular’.

The second observation is mostly a throw away, but instructive in a way.

I was watching the ‘Teachers Tournament’ on Jeopary tonight and the Category was ‘Junior’ and the answer was something like…’what conservative opinion maker had a round table discussion program called ‘Firing Line’.

This was a semi-final in the Teacher’s Tournament, but not ONE of the public school teachers could even offer up an answer. Not one. Even the teacher from Chesterfield County, VA, I’m sorry to report.

None of the instructors of our young children have even heard a discussion in which a conservative even has a forum, I’m sure, let alone heard or read William F. Buckley, Jr.

Which explains why Americans buy into what Barack Obama, Susan Rice and DNI James Clapper have successfully sold the people on Benghazi. Barack Obama gambled his presidency on the playing to the uninformed, but supposedly educated. But a formal education in American today means what, exactly?

If you want to know what’s going on in the world or your country, ask your roofing contractor, or your mechanic. Don’t ask a teacher. They haven’t a clue.

I told you they were related in an exponential fashion, didn’t I?

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Posted by on November 15, 2012 in politics


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