Can I Admit My Lack of Racial Awareness Here?

15 Nov

I had no idea that UN Ambassador Susan Rice was black until the black community declared RACISM after she was attacked for going out before the networks to push the Obama lie.

Really? Black.


Susan Rice is as black as Elizabeth Warren is a Cherokee.

I thought she was just a well tanned whitey like me. As for Warren? Everybody in the country has stifled chortles for as long as she been a candidate. Good goin’ on rejecting the Tea Party support there, Scottie. You got what you had coming.

But Hey. Guess what?

I’m black too! After a couple of days out in the garden I’m as black as you are, Susan, and then I can criticize you for covering up for Obama without the dire and predictable charge of racism.

Why, I could even call Obama a long legged mack daddy if I like. After a couple of days in the sun, that is.


Is liberating.

Now what you gonna say

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Posted by on November 15, 2012 in politics


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