Death By a Thousand Cults

12 Nov

Still reeling from what I anticipated to be the proper and complete repudiation of Barack, the Corrupt Incompetent, the Democrat Party and all of the failure, fecklessness and folly of all things Obama, I’m still trying to comprehend what exactly happened a little less than a week ago.

I think we’ve been victimized by….


Conservative cults. Progressive cults. And their skywriters, the Media cult.
It ended up being a bunch of cults that put us in this untenable position as a nation.

But the conservative cults caused us the most damage.

Conservative cults consist of:
The Establishment Republican Cult. In Virginia, most of us thought we’d be able to select from the full slate of candidates during the primary, but alas, there was no Newt, Rick, Rick, Michele, Herman, or even John. As a matter of fact, those of us who actually pay attention to politics were blind sided to find out that most Republican candidates weren’t even on the ballot. The establishment cult gave us Mitt and Governor Bob McDonnell and Lt. Governor Bill Bolling went all in for Mitt from the get-go.

As someone who pays attention to all things politics, but is not fully immersed in the small ball of the process, I seriously was unaware of the ground game requirement. No more.

The Ron Paul Cult was obviously aware of the daunting task and got their guy on the ballot, but the surprise of having only those two on our ballot was a bitter pill. And Paul lost big, anyway.

Virginians were screwed, having no choice during the heat of the primary, so Romney won Virginia.

And then Bob McDonnell lowered the treshold for voter integrity by dilluting voter ID requirements and re-enfranchising felons.

What. Ever.

And ultimately, The Ron Paul Cult didn’t show up on election day. Ron Paul didn’t endorse Mitt, so Paul basically told everyone to stay home or vote for the fringe candidates like Gary Johnson or the even more fringe candidate of Virgil Goode by his non-endorsement. Millions of those who voted Republican in 2008 simply sat on their hands at the behest of their leader, thereby guaranteeing an Obama victory. The Ron Paul cultists intentionally threw the election. And they will sit by, in smug self righteousness as spectators as Obama destroys the nation. You see, they didn’t compromise their principles. They are not willing to accept an agreement on 80% of the issues. They are ideological purists. They are willing to sit by as Obamacare entrenches itself, never to be repealed. Paulistas gave us Obamacare for good. Way to go.

Romney wasn’t my guy, but for the love of God, you Paulistas really screwed us and I have nothing but contempt for you.

But there is that other group of cultists. Those who have had a permanent Kool Aid stain on their upper lips for years.

Those leftist/progressive/liberal competing parasite cult. These people are mostly single issue folk, but mostly they are professional parasites. Whether they are crony capitalists, permanent takers, schemers, street hustlers… or newly beholden to having STUFF given to you, you are a cultist as well. The lazy and selfish cult.

But then there are the militant homosexuals, a group for which I haven’t a care in the world. Live your lives. Leave me out of it. Spare me the details of your miserable lives, don’t try to normalize your abnormal life by trashing my normal life, and don’t make me pay for your bad decisions.

The militant abortionists. Extinguish your spawn. I couldn’t care less. Well, actually, I encourage you to extinguish yourselves. 35th trimester works for me. Consider this a pass on the ‘thou shalt not kill’ buzz kill from the Old Testament. I don’t actually believe this, but if you wish to indiscrimately off yourselves….who am I to stop you?

As for you militant anti-capitalist/communist/socialist/Occupy scum. For you… all I have is the utmost scorn. Don’t get a job. Don’t work for my company. Don’t live in my State, let alone my county. I know who you are. I can spot you from a mile away and smell you from more than three miles away. And the more miles away you are from me, the better. I have no use for your cult, either.

And then there are the Racialists. Racialists vote for a person because of their Race and for their Race ONLY. How shallow is that, racial cultists? Your guy has totally impoverished you, re-enslaved you and yet….you vote for him anyway because of his hue?

They’re all cults. And the thing about cults is that they require unquestioning devotion and the cultists cannot be dissuaded from illogical acts through logical reasoning.

And then, of course, is the liberal media cult, which is not confined to broadcast and newsprint, but permeates all television, movie and music. The coverups all started and ended with you. The coordinated deflection of the dialogue toward the leftist meme is simply criminal. Your disinterest in Fast and Furious and Benghazi and Solyndra, etc. exposes you as political operatives unworthy of your constitutional role as the fourth estate, a role that makes you the guardians of American’s freedom watching over government. Instead. You’ve become government mouthpieces. Pravda.

Coincidentally, and speaking of the permeation of liberalism into everyday entertainment programming, Mrs. Saddleburr changed the channel and has opted out of the TV series “Bones” permanently tonight, in spite of being a long time fan, having to shut it off tonight and they have lost a fan permanently because the TV cult was singing the praises of the ‘religion of peace’. RIP Bones.

The SSM, Sewage Stream Media, attempt to seductively infiltrate and dominate way too much of the national dialogue across the entire spectrum of daily life. They fancy themselves as the omnipresent, group-think maestros of public opinion.

I have no use for this cult, either.

If you voted for Obama you’re part of a cult. If you voted for a third party you’re part of a cult. If you stayed home sulking you’re part of a cult.


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3 responses to “Death By a Thousand Cults

  1. Martin M. McMartin

    November 13, 2012 at 6:26 am

    I saw members of the cult lined up at a Democrat majority polling place last week. They lined up to secure a second term for their dear leader and I remember thinking that there was something eerily strange about it. Here we had a group of supposedly like-minded people together in a slow moving line and there was no interaction among them. They just stood there quietly and expressionless as though they were in some hypnotic state waiting to cast their vote. I call them the Obama zombies!

  2. nooneofanyimport

    November 15, 2012 at 2:00 pm

    Well said.


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