Spontaneous Combustion Sunday.

03 Nov


Due to a lack of response there will be no rally in Henrico today.

So here we are. 3 days until the election. The media is covering up the murders in Benghazi. The White House has been lying about Benghazi. The media is covering up for everything this president is doing.

What are we to do?

This lying president has got the media doing their coverup and they all think they are getting away with it. We all know the facts. Obama left those poor souls without cover, without the means to protect themselves, and when they were under fire they just didn’t give a shit.

And then they lied about it. And Obama is STILL lying about it and the media is not covering it. It’s up to us.

And the Romney campaign is not banging the drum on this either. I understand. I don’t like it but I understand. You can’t ‘break news’ from a campaign because then you’re cast as the whacko.

What do you say we launch a 4pm Spontaneous Combustion event not tied to any organization or candidate for tomorrow, the last non-work day for most before the election? Challenge the media. Expose them.

Frankly, this all is outrageous.

Do it at the mall. Encourage people to pull over their cars and join in. Make it a happening.

Can we rally individually with signs about how Obama let these guys die? It’s our last chance, really.

Disrupt The Narrative!!

Spontaneous Combustion. Short Pump Mall, Henrico, VA. Tomorrow at 4. Pouncey Tract and Broad St.

Let’s roll.

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