No mojo and no mo’ Joe!

15 Oct

The President’s reelection campaign has clearly lost its mojo and if all goes well we will have no more Vice President Joe Biden after the election.  Either way I am fine.

It is really a marvelous thing to watch the Obama campaign collapse as it flails about trying to blames its problems on Romney.  This is a faster free fall than Felix Baumgartner’s death defying leap from space.

Obama’s campaign collapse began in earnest with the first Romney/Obama debate when the President, who was face-to-face with Romney, could not engage in a straw man argument with a mythical caricature of Romney.  Obama had to handle the real deal and he could not. Even afterwards Obama is still incapable of coming to grips with what happened, instead taking the approach that a different Romney showed up at the debate. I almost pity the President if his grasp on reality is that tenuous.

The Obama campaign also continues to lose momentum as additional information comes to light about the Administration’s many failures in responding to the terrorist attack on our consulate in Benghazi and the resulting death of our Ambassador and three others.  American’s don’t like our territory being attacked and our personnel murdered by terrorists. The Administration is finding it hard to spin an attack on our territory and the murder of an Ambassador and three others.

As much as the legacy media tries to prop up the President, Romney has successfully popped the media-inflated Obama balloon once and for all. Lunch bucket Joe could not reflate the balloon and the President won’t be able to, either.  The collapse gained even more traction with Vice President Biden’s buffoonish debate performance against Paul Ryan.  Biden’s behavior during the debate was a clear sign of desperation on the part of the Obama campaign.

So what does Obama do from here?

Tomorrow night Romney and Obama go at it again. Everyone is expecting a more aggressive Obama. At this point that is about all the President has to fall back on. It did not work for the Vice President and it won’t work for the President because the basic problem is not style but substance, of which the President is sorely lacking.

Obama is now in a zero-sum game position with his campaign. A more aggressive Obama may energize his base but will put off undecided or independent voters.  Obama also has the problem that he is not really a good debater.  The thrust and parry of argumentation quickly gets under his obviously thin skin and he just gets nasty, especially since he has the burden (which I hope Romney holds him to) of defending a lousy record. No doubt the Obama sycophants in the legacy media will quickly trumpet Obama’s “win”, but the polls have been telling a very different story since the first two debates in spite of the media’s best efforts to bolster the President.

Obama has already spent several hundred million dollars trying to destroy Romney’s character and it did not work for the simple reason that Romney is a man of good character and has had a spectacular business career.  Obama’s mishandling of the Benghazi fiasco speaks volumes about his character and his ineptitude.  Obama has misjudged that there are still lots of people who believe character counts and who still believe business success is a good thing.  Romney’s charitable efforts are inspiring and demonstrate that Romney literally puts his money where his mouth is. Obama, on the other hand, puts your money into his supporter’s pockets.  Obama has been as foolish in the way he has spent his campaign funds as he has been with our tax dollars. Instead of leading from behind perhaps he should quit while he is behind.


Regime change in November!

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