Ho Hum. More Democrat Party Deception

11 Oct

Look at this poor old retiree fretting about losing his only lifeline, Social Security, because of Republican Senate candidate George Allen offered up by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

We all know that existing retirees won’t be affected by the reforms proposed, but I feel really sorry for this hapless, doddering old fool that doesn’t know that.  He’s a simple and powerless dupe being manipulated by the DSCC

He seems genuinely frightened about the recklessness of investing retirement funds on Wall Street.

But.  Wait a minute.

The video identifies him as Edwin Williams.  The letter on the table in the video from Social Security is to one Edwin A. Williams.  So, who is Edwin A. Williams?  One of the principles of the law firm of Kellogg, Williams and Lyons, an elite law firm of trial lawyers in the Washington DC area.

Hmmm.  Trial Lawyers.  Democrat Party.

Let’s proceed, shall we?

Oh.  And the bit about not wanting to risk his precious Social Security by investing retirement funds in Wall Street ventures?  Mr. Williams serves/served on the board of the Fairfax County Police Retirement fund, which may, just maybe, perhaps….invests retirement funds on Wall Street.

This man is not what he is portraying himself to be.  He’s not doddering old, risk averse retiree.  He’s a weasly political hack.

Like I said.  Ho hum.  More Democrat deception.  It’s in their DNA.


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One response to “Ho Hum. More Democrat Party Deception

  1. gueppebarre

    October 14, 2012 at 8:56 pm

    He’s a lying, pathetic old bastard like the rest of the democrat mascots. Now, let me educate you, Pops.
    You didn’t earn SS, you dupe – it’s a tax, you paid it, and Washington spent it – and now, as always planned, you have to count on the government taxing me to pay for your retirement – and frankly, I’d rather not – I have an old WWII vet daddy that needs my money and I’d rather give it to him. But you know what? I really don’t have enough left after I fork over 13-14% of my income to pay for yours, you frigging creep –
    I’m for whoever will put an end to this charade once and for all – Ponzi (look it up) schemes don’t work, and now payday is approaching. Young people, better vote for someone who gets you out of this disaster – cut your losses now and be done with the whole damn thing!


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