Clint was right!

06 Oct

Who know Clint Eastwood could tell the future? His empty chair routine at the Republican convention turned out to be an uncanny prediction of how Obama would perform at the debate, contrary to the criticism heaped upon Eastwood at the time by the legacy media. Humor really is a potent weapon!

Forward! I bet the Obama campaign regrets choosing that as a slogan since it is now the Romney campaign that is moving forward. Finally, finally, finally a Republican had the chance to talk directly to millions of Americans without being filtered by the media and without the media bolstering Obama and what happened? Well, the only thing emptier than Eastwood’s chair was Obama’s suit and Romney mopped the floor with Obama.

Naturally the Obama sycophants in the media are making all kinds of excuses for his lackluster (to be charitable) performance, but excuses are just that…excuses. However, for all the real reasons Obama did so badly (and there are many) I want to add one that I have not heard discussed elsewhere and that is affirmative action.

Obama is our first affirmative action President and a prime example of the “soft bigotry of low expectations” as President Bush used to say. Did Obama strike you as Columbia University, Harvard Law and Harvard Law Review material? Not by a long shot. Here is a guy who quite frankly has skated because of his race. Had he not been half black he just would be another political hack Alderman in Chicago, at best. Someone should have been subjected to the pressures of being criticized, questioned, contradicted, tested, etc. well before running for the Presidency. Personally, I think his skin color is irrelevant, but let’s be honest, lots of people voted for him because of his race. Wouldn’t that be a racist thing to do? Hopefully, in the upcoming election people will put race aside and vote for the candidate who can best help the country get out of the deep yogurt we are in.

On a different topic, out of the political wilderness comes none other than Ralph Nader with some less than kind words about Obama (and Republicans, of course). Enjoy!

Forward! Regime change in November! Romney in a cakewalk!

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Posted by on October 6, 2012 in politics


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