Does anybody in Washington read their memos? Part Two.

01 Oct


TO:  Hillary Clinton

FROM: John D’Oh

SUBJECT: Foreign Policy

Hillary, bubala! Lately you have been looking quite haggard…like a shmata discarded by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. You must be quite tired, spending all that time lying to the American people about the murder of our Ambassador to Libya and three others.

Let’s level with each other. You knew that this was a premeditated attack. Nonetheless, the Administration continued to spread lies that this was in response to a video on You Tube. If you knew the truth, why did you lie? To cover up the Administration’s incompetence in foreign policy in general and its disastrous failure in mid-East policy in particular? Maybe, but I think there is more. Why? Because when it comes to the Obama Administration it is a safe bet that the first position it publicly takes will be wrong.

So what is the actual motive for you and the Administration lying? And before I reveal the answer, let me remind you that as recently as the President’s speech at the UN he was continuing to lie about this when he certainly knew better.

Here is what you are not willing to say. When the video was first “blamed” as the cause of the attack, it was reported (later shown to be incorrect) that an Israeli made the film. Hmm…. why is that significant? Because the Administration believed it had been given a bludgeon to blame Israel for this tragedy in a weak, pathetic, lame attempt by the Administration to placate radical Islamic terrorists as well as to attack domestic free speech rights to placate the terrorists. This was another part of the Administration’s ongoing anti-Israel policy.

As the facts emerged it was not an Israeli after all, but by then the Administration was caught in a lie and decided to continue with the lie rather than admit its incompetence.  Don’t worry, though, both the lie and the incompetence were there for all to see.

This might be a good time for you to look for a new job, and take UN Ambassador Rice with you. She is a disgrace, too. Get out while the getting is good and while someone is still willing to give you a good book deal before President Obama is out on his tokhes in November.

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Posted by on October 1, 2012 in politics


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