I Apologize For the Absence…But What Was I to Blog About?

12 Sep

Really, I didn’t know what to blog about.  Can I convince you any further that this president hates this country is working day and night to destroy it?  The evidence is overwhelming and uncontrovertible.

So, what was I to blog about?  The petty back and forth between the two parties?

That Mitt hasn’t knocked the block off of this internal enemy is more than disappointing.

Is there any doubt that the Democrats are the party of Satan?  That the Republicans are underachievers with good hearts, but insufficient spine?  I mean, really?  When the Democrats boo God…….

What was I to blog about?

You all already know this from other sources.

You all know that the leftists have spent decades engineering societal decay, government dependency, the dumbing down of the population along with the propping up our enemies, wrecking….well…everything at all levels, both foreign and domestic.

You already know that, too.  Did I need to provide an hourly or daily scorecard?  You can get that from Drudge or PJ or HotAir.

So, what am I to blog about?

It’s another day and another Obama Shit Sandwich.  It’s Dog Bites Man every day.  It’s predictable.  It’s unsurprising.  It’s, quite frankly, unsufferable.

And the vile leftists enabled, if not engineered, the so-called Arab Spring, which led to our embassies being destroyed and a leftist State Department (Ambassador) enabler’s body being dragged down the streets of the Libya while the same State Department blamed America.  Our own damned State Department.

We all knew this would happen.

Barack.  You Built This.

Leftists.  You Built This.

And tonight, once again, there was the Prince of Darkness, Barack Obama, standing before cheering teenage girls at another campaign event, instead of doing his job, which is to protect the country.

This man shouldn’t be running for re-election.  He should be running for his life, just like he made that poor sap he set up in Libya do.


Into the Middle Ages.

Frankly, the drip, drip, drip torture of watching a people who are so clueless, who consume drivel from a media that is so devious, doing the bidding of an evil, evil man is simply maddening.

Which explains my absence from the blog.  I do not suffer foolishness endlessly.

I’ll try to do better, but all I’ve got is a bellyful of bile and it’s about all I can offer at this time.

Nobody wants bile.

Bile’s all I got.

Maybe the American people are really too stupid to govern themselves.


Posted by on September 12, 2012 in politics


2 responses to “I Apologize For the Absence…But What Was I to Blog About?

  1. nooneofanyimport

    September 14, 2012 at 9:34 pm

    My goodness but we do seem to be on the same wavelength tonight. “Frankly, the drip, drip, drip torture of watching a people who are so clueless, who consume drivel from a media that is so devious, doing the bidding of an evil, evil man is simply maddening.”

    Except it hasn’t even been “drip drip drip” for me. I’ve been guzzling from the firehose of stupidity, thanks to friends of friends on Facebook. And also acquaintences in person. They are so devoid of reasoning. They are so thoroughly brainwashed, that they can’t even acknowledge a conservative’s humanity. One gal said, well but if Romney is elected we girls will all be required to wear skirts.


    Can someone please put me in a coma and wake me up after Nov 6th? I don’t know if my liver can take the next several weeks.


    • Charles Glasgow

      September 15, 2012 at 6:27 pm

      The voices said ‘He leads from behind.’ not knowing what truth they speak. I’ve imagined his mark of the beast card had 3 7’s or the number 21. Was he really the anti-Christ or someone more sinister like SATAN? Christ was ‘a shepard’ and Barak has the same middle initial and name of the ‘Messiah’ from Bethlehem. And his ‘Ram’ Harry Reid, was he messenger from Hell sent to destroy us all? And another ‘Mormon’ what or which was the worst of 2 evils. Then I heard a startling woosh in my ears, the winds oof SATAN himself, a tornado hungry for helpless souls. Souls helpless because they were homeless and no place to go. The rich suburbanites would never kno know these types, because they lived by the nation’s coast and only knew the death and destruction of SATAN”S other weapon the Hurricane. He pursued the rich like Christ did. But alas, he was Christ-like. If it is Allah’s and Yahweh’s and God’s fate, he’ll win another 4 years. Perhaps George, the namesake of our first official leader #41 will alternate for capitalism the way President Putin does for the ‘Russian’ Republic. Ex KGB and Bush ex CIA. Every other election for as long as they both live.


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