America crumbles

12 Sep

Do you ever watch the news, listen to the radio or scan Drudge and ask yourself, “what has happened to America?” What has happened to the once great nation that defeated the Nazis and Fascists and destroyed the Soviet Union without a shot being fired?

America was once a nation that liberated people, but now we are on the run. We overthrow a dictator only to have our territory attacked.

LIbyans have invaded our consulate, which is US territory, and killed our ambassador and others. And what does President Obama do? He has the State Department apologize to Muslims offended by a video produced by a private citizen. Does the President ever demand the Muslim world apologize for the vile lies it says about America, Israel and Jews?  No? Gee, how surprising. One wonders why.

Mr. President, let me clue you in on something, the American people are offended that our territory was violated and our ambassador murdered and we are offended by your inability to produce a credible strategy for defending the nation.

Mr. President, when you manage to take time out from your busy schedule of snubbing Prime Minister Netanyahu, you are playing footsie (or worse) with terrorists from the Muslim Brotherhood. Apparently it is easier for a terrorist to get into the White House than it is for the elected leader of one our closest allies to meet with you. Mr. President, you are responsible for this mess because of your weakness and cluelessness. Or do you actually want terrorists to succeed and provoke a war in the Middle East?

Mr. President, you may recall that you decided to intervene militarily in Libya in violation of the War Powers Act. That was an act of weakness. Even a fool could have predicted that sooner or later we could bomb Qaddafi out of power. But what was the strategy behind that? I think we know the pitiful answer to that question.

A strong leader would have supported the Iranian uprising and would be leading in the Middle East from a position of strength. Iran is on the verge of gaining hegemony in the Middle East. And what does the President do? A strong leader would stand up to the violence against us. If only we had one.

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One response to “America crumbles

  1. Giuseppe Cerrato

    September 15, 2012 at 4:20 pm

    Thank You All For Your Opinions. Now, please help me to find the Facts & the Figures & the Verifiable Journalistic Reports from which you have constructed these Opinions. I read “bad mouthing” & disrespect & Faith & (frankly) incredible things herein these pages. Thank You All For Sharing Your Feelings.

    Few things I have read herein these postings that would encourage me to seek out the writers as a coworker to study an issue, discuss our findings, formulate the elements of a proposal, publish our findings, enlist like-minded workers, seek required support from appropriate sources, and then implement the planned solution (whether it be for a private business venture or a local Community development to help our neighbors & fellow townsfolk). Honestly, I see virtually no viable proposals relating to solution-seeking discussion or behavior written herein! Are you all so jaded or hopeless regarding your futures?

    I would almost be led to suspect some of you are purposely sowing hopelessness and even distention as agents of powers having causes far different than upholding the Constitution of the United States, and political orientations based on concepts far different from the spirit of The Declaration of Independence! Some of you seem to be acting on the behalf of “powers” outside the Spirit (if not the borders) of these United States!

    Tell me it ain’t so, please. Or rather, I challenge you “Nattering Nabobs of Negativity” to back-up your “Freedom Of Speech” by displaying self-respect & respect for the readers herein by being responsible for your writings, specifically, provide links to the Sources of your Facts & your Figures.

    For fun, or to learn about History that is now affecting all of us, I heartily & sincerely encourage my readers to “Google” some of my Capitalized Words & “quoted phrases” then read what the links reveal.


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