Osama bin Laden is alive; GM is dead

09 Sep

If you listen to Vice President Joe Biden there is an easy way to decipher his statements.  Just invert what he says and you are likely to stumble upon the truth.

By now everyone has heard Biden’s “Osama bin Laden is dead” statement in a futile attempt to make the President appear as an effective leader with a spine of steel.  That spine of steel apparently was insufficient to prevent him from bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia. Maybe Obama’s spine is actually something more flexible than steel.

Nonetheless, bin Laden is dead in the physical sense. But is he gone in the most important sense?  Is he gone as a threat?

If Obama were an effective leader he would have fought bin Laden’s ideas as much as his physical existence. If Obama were an effective leader he would be explaining and defending liberty to oppressed people and articulating why freedom is important; to give people hope and to give them an alternative to the bin Laden’s of the world.  Where was Obama during the uprising in Iran? Wherever he was, he was not supporting an uprising against the Mullahs. Grand strategy or cowardice? You decide.

Now we have radical Islamist regimes, puppets of Iran, slowly taking over the middle East and already controlling much of the southern coast of the Mediterranean. Mr. President, bin Laden’s ideas, though he is physically dead, are alive and winning, no thanks to you.

GM.  Geez….if there are zombie banks then GM is a zombie car company. Year to date car sales as of the end of August had GM with a 3.7% increase over 2011 sales. Ford was up 6%, Chrysler up 25.7%, Toyota up 30.4% and Honda up 23.2%. GM is on life support and the plug needs to be pulled. Not only will the taxpayer ultimately take a big hit on its common stock ownership, but GM has a huge tax loss carryover (which should have been wiped out by bankruptcy but wasn’t) which will allow it to avoid taxes for years to come, effectively becoming another taxpayer funded bailout.

GM’s market share has dropped dramatically over the last ten years. (GM is the blue line in the chart below).  GM also lost market share compared to 2011.  Another stunning success for top-down, bureaucratic, command and control centralized planning.


Hey, buddy. Want to buy a Volt?


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