CarMax goes KarlMarx Tonight

05 Sep

One of the founders of CarMax, a spinoff of the now defunct Circuit City, a company that went bust in the first month of the new Obama administration, has gone all in for Barack Obama tonight at the DNC convention.  Circuit City was one of the first major job hemorrhages that would lead the way to other major failures of thousands of companies during Obama’s watch.  That resulted in the loss of millions and millions of jobs.  The failures continue to go on and show no sign of abating.

Tonight I left the NFL game and took a brief sniff of the DNC convention and there was Austin Ligon, former CEO of KarlMarx, shilling for Obama. CarMax needs to publicly distance themselves from Austin Ligon in short order.

I’d be hard pressed to do business with KarlMarx at this point, even though they have deep Richmond roots.

Of course Ligon took his dough out of the company and retired.  He doesn’t give a hoot about who actually remains, which makes him a good Democrat.

Democrats leave death and destruction in their wake.  They’re locusts.  They’re drive by killers.  That’s just who they are.

Austin.  You might have ruined CarMax KarlMarx tonight, you idiot.

Here’s the transcript of his miserable asslicking speech.

Update:  I registered a protest comment at the CarMax site and received this reply…

Thank you for taking the time to write to us regarding concerns about Mr.
Ligon speaking at the Democratic National Convention.

I wanted to make you aware that Mr. Ligon has had no relationship with
CarMax since his retirement in 2006. His views, or views of any former
associate, do not represent those of the Company. CarMax does not take a
position regarding Presidential campaigns.


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Posted by on September 5, 2012 in politics


One response to “CarMax goes KarlMarx Tonight

  1. Steve Alexander

    September 6, 2012 at 4:59 am

    Fact: Austin Ligon retired from CarMax in 2006, six years ago and two full years before Obama was elected. Don’t bash the company because this has nothing to do with them – they would be foolish to speak for / against any candidate and have not to date. I’m just a stockholder and never worked for KMX. As a bit of proof regarding Mr. Ligon’s separation from KMX, here’s the announcement for his replacement from their investor relations page:


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