A Fatal Blow

29 Aug

I am in the midst of a home remodel/expansion, the expense of which I would have NEVER had undertaken if I thought that jugged eared marxist idiot would be relected.  It was a serious consideration, just like the serious considerations America is evaluating at this time.

I took a gamble that America isn’t stupid enough to give the idiot another four years and I’ll most likely win.

But Pish Posh on all of that.

But what about that Ryan speech?

My real estate value went up 110%.

And Barack?

The Paul Ryan speech, the Condy speech, Gov. Martinez’s speech?



You’re standing where America wants to piss.

You’d best make plans to evacuate Washington and save your sole.

America wants to piss on your shoe.

You’d best step aside.

Quickly.  The flow is on its way and your shoe is in jeopardy.

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Posted by on August 29, 2012 in politics


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