Let’s Talk About Todd Akin and Barack Hussein Obama

23 Aug


I’m going to go there.

When you Democrats want try to claim the moral high ground on rape and abortion going into this election there is a serious credibility gap.  Get serious. Bill Clinton, the womanizing rapist and heartthrob of your movement is introducing Barack Hussein Obama at your convention.

Moral highground?  Lost.

And abortion?  Congratulations to the Democratic Party for their 1 million plus abortions per year, mostly amongst the African American community.  Margaret Sanger’s vision of ridding the country of undesirables, as espoused by your Party is wrecking society.  To the Democrats, African Americans are undesirable.  Except at the ballot box  Don’t let them fool you.  The Democrats run the plantation.

Speaking of other crimes..potentially even sex crimes..why is Obama spending millions of dollars hiding his academic records?  What infractions or other crimes did he commit while at Occidental, Columbia and Harvard?  Poor grades are certainly not a reason to spend that kind of dough.  What is the Obama machine so desperate to hide that it feels is so damaging that this disclosure would spell political doom for him?

Millions of dollars.

We already know Obama did drugs.  So what else happened?  What is it, exactly, that you’re hiding?

I really want to know what is in your background, sir.  I suspect that something happened that is repulsive to Americans.  What is it, sir?  And why is academe and the disinterested media covering for you?

But moving back to the main point about Todd Akin and Barack Obama.

I do not appreciate the self serving and self centered Congressman from Missouri’s stubborness in wake of the fact that he may become the lightning rod for the left, putting social issues ahead of fiscal issues, thus playing into Obama’s hands

But on the other hand, maybe it’s OK.

I have one question.

Is a man who ALWAYS takes side for the cause of life WORSE than a man who ALWAYS sides with death?

Todd Akin feels that the crime of rape should not result in the death of an innocent who had nothing to do with the crime. I understand that.  But I don’t know that I agree that a victim should be forced… by law… to deliver this child or raise this child.  I can imagine that the mother would hold animus towards the child and there have been cases when the rapist has been awarded visitation rights of his evilly conceived child.

But Todd Akin needs to understand that he feels that he’s taken the moral high ground, he puts the country at risk over issues that are not central to the thrust of this campaign.  He needs to understand that he puts the country at peril of another Obama term wherein all pro life issues are evaporated.



Forever and Ever.


Maybe pushing this issue to the forefront will result in a really good discussion. There is no question that Akin is an idiot, but maybe he’s an idiot savant.

Can we get one thing on the table, here?

Barack Obama voted to allow post natal murder, meaning, if the aborted fetus leaves the womb by force and the abortion was unsuccessful, allowing this helpless child to die as a fully developed human being is PERFECTLY FINE.

That’s what Obama voted for.

Barack Hussein Obama voted for killing children.

And nobody is talking about it.

What can we call that?  Abortion in the fourth trimester?

And why not allow abortion in the fifth trimester?  Why not the 125th trimester?  Where is the line, Barry?  You’re all about dispatching with oldsters in their 170th trimester and beyond.  You stole their Medicare contributions and gave it to others.

It’s called Obamacare.  And Death Panels.

And religious freedom and choice?  I’m not even going down that twisted road but you know what I’m talking about.

So who, exactly, is the hideous person when comparing the two?

Yes, I think that Todd Akin is self serving.   But, maybe, since we’re getting all of these other issues on the table in this election, maybe it is time to bring up the most divisive issues that separate the people and make them think deeply and consider all of that which defines us as a people.

Who are the American people?

Democrats are the party of death.  And taxes.

Are Republicans simply the party of life, when it is convenient and not too toxic?


Posted by on August 23, 2012 in politics


2 responses to “Let’s Talk About Todd Akin and Barack Hussein Obama

  1. duckyack

    August 24, 2012 at 11:34 am

    I couldn’t agree with you more and with every single word!

  2. Saddlesore

    August 24, 2012 at 4:17 pm

    If the only things certain in life are death and taxes, does that mean Democrats are inevitable? I hope not!


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