18 Aug

Sitting at my desk Friday afternoon I asked myself, “why am I sitting here working to pay taxes so Obama can spend the money?”. Much better to take the afternoon off and head to the Paul Ryan rally at West Springfield High School in Springfield, VA.!

Although the doors opened an hour before I arrived, I squeezed in to a sweltering high school gym, waiting almost an hour with the SRO crowd made up surprisingly of lots of retirement aged folks. The crowd was jazzed with the selection of Ryan as Romney’s running mate.

Starting with speeches by two local Republican County Supervisors (here in the People’s Republic of Fairfax County, VA. there are only a few of those.) and other local folks, a well received introductory speech was made by former Democratic Congressman Artur Davis who is now a Republican. Next up, Va. Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli  and Paul Ryan took the stage. Cuccinelli is always impressive, arguing for limited government and informing the crowd of state litigation against EPA which wants to prevent landowners from allowing drainage to runoff their property. Apparently, EPA does not know that water runs downhill.

Next, the main event was, of course, Paul Ryan. Instantly, you could tell he connected with the crowd, but I was still intrigued with why he appealed so much to the crowd in the gym, which definitely seemed to be a crowd with a personal interest in Medicare issues. The answer was soon revealed as Ryan spoke truthfully and eloquently about Medicare, entitlements and the need to control the federal budget. What do I think was appealing to the crowd? I think the fact that he was making an honest, truthful, mature argument to voters who care about the future of their country. Contrast that with the Obama/Biden approach to campaigning.

Ryan spoke for about 20 or 25 minutes and never said a disrespectful word about anyone and never pandered to the crowd. Quite the opposite, he spoke to the crowd with the respect an elected official should when addressing the voters. Contrast that, too, with the Obama/Biden approach.

With that approach, is it really any wonder why Romney is climbing in the polls? Gallup recently had him up 2 points ahead of Obama nationally. Contrary to the Obama/Biden mindset, scaring seniors will not get their votes because Ryan has the courage to face down the Obama campaign and explain to the voters that it was Obama and the Democrats who cut $716 billion from Medicare. Swing state voters in Ohio and Florida have an unusually high proportion of seniors who are enrolled in Medicare Advantage, which Obamacare basically gutted. Ryan should drive this point home and Obama will be on the ropes.

On a different political topic, keep your eyes on several interesting Senate races. Conservatives in Ohio (Mandel a dead heat), Indiana (Mourdock recently up by 2 points) and Texas (Cruz) would add a much needed conservative perspective to the Senate.

Below are a few pics from the rally.

Regime change in 2012!


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2 responses to “Rally!

  1. nooneofanyimport

    August 20, 2012 at 11:56 am

    “he was making an honest, truthful, mature argument to voters who care about the future of their country”

    bingo. The grownups of this country are sick of being patronized by nanny statism from both sides, and if Ryan/Romney can stay on topic and sincere, they’ll continue to garner votes.



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