Social Security Administration needs 174,000 Hollow Points?

17 Aug

It isn’t exactly a new story that the NOAA placed a rather sizable order for 46,000 rounds of hollow points to be delivered to only four rather diverse locations. As it turns out, the original solicitation stated that it was for the National Weather Service and a subsequent solicitation stated that it was actually for NOAA’s Marine Fisheries division. Shooting the fish are they? 

But seriously, the Social Security Administration needs 174,000 rounds of hollow points?

Let’s start with the solicitation for 46,000 rounds of hollow-point ammunition and shooting targets for National Marine Fisheries posted on 9 August 2012 with a response date of 21 August 2012. The initial posting indicated that the request was from the NOAA National Weather Service, but was then updated to reflect that the request was for the National Marine Fisheries.  Personally, I would still like to know why the NMF needs 46,000 rounds of hollow points to go to only four locations., and the corrected version

16,000 rounds of ammunition for semiautomatic pistols to be factory-loaded .40 S&W caliber, 180-grain jacketed hollow point (JHP). Inside Delivery to locations below:
8,000 rounds to: Ross Lane DOC, NOAA, NMFS, OLE, NED 130 Oak Street, Suite 5, Ellsworth, ME, 04605
8,000 rounds to: Troy Audyatis, DOC, NOAA, NMFS, OLE, NED 53 North 6th Street, Room 214 New Bedford, MA, 02740.

24,000 rounds of ammunition for semiautomatic pistols to be factory-loaded .40 S&W caliber, 180-grain jacketed hollow point (JHP). .
Inside Delivery to locations below:
24,000 rounds to: Jeff Radonski, A/DSAC DOC, NOAA, NMFS, OLE, SED 263 13th Avenue South, Suite 109, St. Petersburg, FL, 33701.     Perhaps Mr. Radonski would like to explain why he needs 24,000 hollow point rounds in St. Petersburg, FL.

6,000 rounds of frangible, 125-grain CFRHT .40 caliber.
Inside Delivery to locations below:
6,000 rounds to: James Cassin DOC, NOAA, NMFS, OLE, NED 3350 Highway 138, Suite 218, Wall, NJ, 07719

On August 7, 2012, the Social Security Administration, Office of Budget, Finance, and Management, Office of Acquisition and Grants issued a solicitation for ammunition with a response date of August 13, 2012, specifically 174,000 rounds of .357 duty carry hollow points to be issued at various offices across the United States, including 15,000 rounds going to Boston, 10,000 rounds going to Los Angeles; Iselin, NJ; and Richmond, VA. As citizens, we should know why any Social Security Administration office would need that size stash of hollow points. Why does any SSA office need bullets at all? Hollow points are intended to maim and kill their targets. Trying to minimize the social security rolls are we?

And there is more.

The Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation – what are they you ask? Established in 1902, the Bureau of Reclamation is best known for the dams, powerplants, and canals it constructed in the 17 western states. The are now the largest wholesaler of water in the country, supplying water to 31,000,000 Americans in the west. Now there’s an agency that could have an enormous impact and a sizable portion of the population. Did you even know they existed? So exactly how much ammunition did they issue a solicitation for? Who the heck knows, the page is no longer available.

For the G.V. (Sonny) Montgomery Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Jackson, MS. Those ailing and injured veterans must really be getting out of hand in Jackson. Why would a VA Medical Center need 45 Sig Sauer P229 9mm pistols? Just for reference, when I was looking to buy a pistol this is what my friend, a former Royal Marine Commando recommended. If you notice, the magazine orders don’t quite match with the gun orders, but then again, no one ever accused government procurement agents to be the brightest bulbs on the Christmas tree.

001         229-9-BSS-DAK-MGS Sig Sauer, P229, 9MM Pistol                     45            EA

002          239-0-BSS-DAK-MGS Sig Sauer, P239, 9MM Pistol                     5              EA

003         Magazine 229 Magazine 229 – 13 Round                                          30            EA

004          Magazine 239 Magazine 239 – 7 Round                                           12            EA

Perhaps someone can figure out why the USDA issued a solicitation for explosives and components to be delivered to an office in Raleigh, NC  Has the agriculture in North Carolina gotten that out of hand? Too many wayward chickens, cows, and corn fields in the Tarheel State?

Some very unlikely federal agencies are issuing solicitations for some very unusual items. What is the intent of the SSA when they place an order for 174,000 hollow points? Why does the Department of Agriculture need explosives?

Want to check it out for yourself, go to Do these agencies really need these items and if so, what for? Or, are these wayward employees using the procurement system to stockpile ammunition and weapons for their own personal use? In either case, someone should explain to the American people exactly what is going on here. There are thousands and thousands of solicitations on It would be relatively easy to hide in the midst of all those agencies and solicitations.


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2 responses to “Social Security Administration needs 174,000 Hollow Points?

  1. P. Henry Saddleburr

    August 17, 2012 at 10:08 pm

    It’s just that they’ve got a really bad seagull and pigeon problem. That’s all it is. There’s nothing really sinister in all of this. No. Really.

    Just like there’s nothing sinister about Department of Justice tying up all of the states’ new Voter ID laws in court for the next election. And just like the level of assaults by Democrats on Republicans seem to be growing daily leading up to the election. And there is absolutely no connection between this and the desire of government to start using drones and blimps against the citizenry.

    Nothing to see here. I’m going to go watch American Idol now. Or maybe I’ll just surf the Department of Homeland Security’s site for some great internal lesbo pron.

  2. Twaddlefree

    August 21, 2012 at 9:42 pm

    Looks to me as if these are key places that will be bombarded when the goods are no longer available. Social Security checks? Water? Food Stamps (USDA)? Not sure about the fish, but I’m betting there are large supplies of fish (food) that are, or can be, trapped and preserved. This appears to be preparation for riots, something that is likely a desireable state by those who want the USA to slide into chaos.


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