Doug Wilder on Joe Biden’s ‘Back in Chains’ Remark

15 Aug

Former Virginia Governor Doug Wilder, the nation’s first black governor, was on Cavuto responding to the Vice President’s outrageous statements made in Danville, VA yesterday.  Mr. Wilder is a Democrat, but he comes from a more rational Democrat party, a party who has long ago left the reasonable people behind.

Wilder characterized Biden’s remarks as ‘divisive’ and was truly incensed, nearly shouting “Slavery is nothing to joke about.”

He went on about Biden’s “gaffe after gaffe after gaffe” and urged him to speak to the people as ‘equals’ rather than to demogogue them as if they are unintelligent.

Wilder also went on to say that this election is up for grabs and that either side could win the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives.


When asked to comment on the comments of the First African American Governor of Virginia Jay Carney embarrassed himself. I cannot describe it, watch it for yourself! Maybe that is why The former Democrat Governor attended a Mitt Romney Paul Ryan fundraiser in Richmond tonight

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