Mitt and Paul Hit Patrick Henry Territory Today

11 Aug

I’ve got awesome video that is still uploading to You Tube, but I’ve got to tell you that today was a fantastic day in central Virginia.  I got to shake the hands of both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

The last YouTube update shows this as maybe being able to share the video within an hour or so.

So check back.

I winnowed the video down to 15 minutes, but I captured much, much more.

OH.   And after I left the event and was dying of hunger, we went to Turners in Ashland for lunch.  Turners is a great place. I don’t remember the exact exit number, but for you north/south I-95ers, Turners is awesome.  Ashland.  Rt. 54.  Cross over Route 1 and it’s there on the right/  Just across the street from the Ashland Police Center.

But, each of us enjoyed our double BLTs with Hanover Tomatoes.

But Mitt’s buses came by on the way out of town, preceded by the blue flashing lights, the cops Harleys, the….works.

And I could have captured the Romney buses on vid, but I decided to hold up a Gadsden flag and my Stop sign, with the O being the OmygodwhathavewedoneObamaswirlielogo.

Mitt was standing on the landing of the bus.  And Mitt was pleased with my goofy one man demonstration.

Mitt was at the front of the bus, standing at the landing of the bus.  He saw my stuff and instructed the bus driver to do a prolonged TOOOOOT.  I saw him.  He saw me.

It was a great day,

And my vid is forthcoming.

I’m not holding out on you.  It’s just that I live in the country and internet is slooooooooow.

Should be available by midnight.  I  hope.

Check back.

See what I saw.  Both Mitt and Paul are………  This video proves it.

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