Tyranny. Coming to a Neighborhood Near You.

06 Aug

John Taylor from the Virginia Institute for Public Policy sent this little beauty out tonight.  It seems that as the federal leviathan grows, and as the DC bureaucrats tentacles spread ever outward into surrounding territory due to the fact that those federal employees, consultants and providers of product to government are lavished with immense wealth, even the laconic countryside is no longer safe.

Add this story to the ever growing list of….what did they call it in the Declaration of Independence?…

Oh yeah.  Usurpations.

Fauquier County, Virginia has become a new battleground against the sprawl of  Washington-style government bullying.  Under the guise of business zoning  authority, Fauquier is now depriving an agricultural community of its liberty to  live the farm life when a little commerce  is, and even is not, involved.

The  county, you see, wants to regulate and fine farm residents on grounds of holding  pumpkin carvings, birthday parties for little girls, and Boy Scout  jamborees.

Fauquier  County is an agricultural community in the beautiful Piedmont mountain region  about an hour west of Washington.  Its motto is “life as it should  be.”  To some county bureaucrats and officials, that means “life as we tell  you how it should be.”

The  growth of the federal government, along with its bureaucratic mentality, has  sprawled into Northern Virginia, and mostly up to now, just shy of  Fauquier.  In once-bucolic Loudon County to the north of Washington, where  family farms stood just 15 years ago, now stand high-rise offices of businesses with government contracts, lobbyists,  and others feeding at the government trough.  Loudon, the fastest-growing  county in America, is not the free market at work.  It’s a concrete and  steel metropolis built directly and indirectly on taxpayer money flowing into and out of Washington.

It gets worse.

Read the whole story here and ask yourself if this is what the revolutionary soldiers laid down their lives for.  On the same damned ground.

Are Americans now so complacent that they’ll roll over to tyranny AT ANY LEVEL OF GOVERNMENT as long as their 4G service works?

Shit.  We overthrew the world’s superpower, Great Britain, for grievances that were much, much less than we willingly endure today at the airport.

Who are we?  Are we worthy of the sacrifices that were made on our behalf?

Sometimes I’m not so sure.

Get a clue.  Get a spine.  For the love of God, when Ronald Reagan said we’re not more than one generation from extinction I thought it was hyperbole to some extent.

Boy was I wrong.

Danger!!  Danger!!  We’re under attack!!  And the enemy is from within.

Barack Obama and his flying monkeys have done more to damage this country than Osama bin Laden could even dream of.

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