Spectacular Take Down

01 Aug

Eric Bolling was filling in on ‘Cavuto’ on FNC this afternoon. One guest was ‘blue dog’ Democrat, Rep. Henry Cuellar of TX-28, who is voting to extend the current tax rates against the wishes of his party who hope to raise tax rates on families and businesses.

Notice. I do not refer to this issue as ‘extending the Bush tax cuts’. The current rates have been in place for 10 years. They are not tax cuts and beware of anyone who frames the argument in this fashion. Reject it.

I paraphrase, as I wasn’t taking notes and video does not seem to be available as of this writing.

Bolling asked why Cuellar was siding with Republicans rather than his own party, to which Cuellar, thinking himself clever, replied that he was not siding with Republicans but he was siding with the American people.

Bolling came back with, so if you’re siding with the American people, why is your party going AGAINST the American people? Cuellar was checkmated by his own cleverness and you could tell he knew it.

It was priceless.

I wish I had the video. McMartin called me right after the segment and we laughed ourselves silly.

Nice job, Mr. Bolling.

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Posted by on August 1, 2012 in politics


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