Obama’s Tranformation of America Continues…Tea Party Candidate Ted Cruz Soon to Become a United States Senator

31 Jul

Not exactly the tranformational change that the anti-American Marxist envisioned, but his post electoral record remains firmly intact.

Because of Barack Hussein Obama’s assault on American values and institutions, conservatism is on the rise in America.

It started in Virginia and New Jersey in 2009, with a sweep of Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General in Virginia, with McDonnell, Bolling and Ken Cuccinelli cruising to a landslide, but also with Chris Christie in New Jersey.

On Christmas eve of 2009, in the dark of night, behind closed doors, Obamacare was passed against the wishes of the American people, leading to the electoral bloodbath of 2010 for for Democrats. Tea Party Republicans swept into the House of Representatives and the Senate also gained Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ron Johnson and Marco Rubio, among others. In Wisconsin, Scott Walker became Governor and much mayhem ensued, but the leftist uprising was defeated soundly a little while back.

In the meantime…
Obama closed businesses, closed coal mines, closed coal fired power plants, shut down drilling in the Gulf, shut down the Keystone XL pipeline, engineered Operation Fast & Furious, watched in glee as the muslim world went ablaze, Obama insulted us, assaulted us fundamental transformation is nearly complete.

Obama’s electoral fortunes have doomed him to ONE TERM status.

Barack, your Executive Orders are what finally did you in. When you displayed that you have no regard for the rule of law and showed more than an ankle of your dictatorial inclinations…….that was it. Even the passive citizen saw a danger in you. When you derided achievers in Roanoke with your ‘You didn’t build that’ schtick….it was over. When you did pillow talk with Russia, assuring Medvedev that you’ll have more flexibility after the election…it was over.

So, add Ted Cruz to the ranks of being the next Tea Party Senator who will be swept into office as the American people sweep more Democrats out of power in 98 days.


And to the transformational president who changed America back into a conservative, (or at least not totally insane) nation, we owe you a twisted bit of gratitude, in a tangential way. As Usurper-in-Chief, you alarmed the sleeping electorate and showed us how very, very evil and destructive the left is and how quickly people of your persuasion can destroy what has taken centuries to build.

You’re finished, Benito.

Yeah. Obama. YOU built this.

And thank you. In a perverse way, you saved the nation.

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