More Evidence of the Enthusiasm Gap

29 Jul

Dave C. from Point of a Gun reported this a while back, but apparently tried to rally people against Romney, complaining about his refusal to cede to the left’s demands for 800 years of tax return info.

And although my snooping into what happened in Ladysmith on Saturday revealed two true believers, MoveOn’s foam flecked call to arms resulted in……………..ZERO true believers showing up. Dave has the documentary evidence to prove it.

No wonder the freaky/creepy/desperate emails from Team Obama are getting more and more……ugh….FRANTIC. The new meme is if Barack loses his job IT’S YOUR FAULT for not emptying your pockets to save us against the big bad Republican machine.

Here’s the sad, sad story.

I guess people are tiring of the Oblabla.

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Posted by on July 29, 2012 in politics


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