It Had To Happen. After ABC News Journalistic Malpractice This Morning Network Triples Down on Evening Broadcast

20 Jul

When ABC’s Brian Ross jumped the shark this morning, misidentifying the Colorado theater shooter, James Holmes, as a member of a Colorado Tea Party organization it was an act of journalistic malpractice for which the network and the faux journalist had to later retract and apologize.

Bryan Preston at PJ Tatler has a very nice piece on how he and others did research into the shooter, but held back because they couldn’t positively ID the shooter on social media or through Web searches, etc.

But good old Brian Ross took the idiotic agenda-fueled leap of faith into the ‘TEA PARTY’ link and breathlessly reported it on Good Morning America.

But bloggers are not ‘real journalists’.

Tonight I became one of a handful of Americans who actually tuned into ABC
Nightly News and anchorette Diane Sawyer opened with this……..

‘Another safe place of American life was shattered by an ASSAULT WEAPON.’

I don’t have the video, but I saw it and wrote her opening quote down.

And then the second correspondent, the disgraced Brian Ross, went on to report other elements of the story as if nothing happened earlier in the day.

Apology? Didn’t happen.

Brian Ross shouldn’t have a job at this point, but apparently maligning the Tea Party without facts isn’t a fireable offense. Instead it gets you promoted to being a featured reporter on ABC News.

Brian Ross has made several unwise leaps into controversy in the past but I won’t dwell on those as I don’t have my facts, although I hear there are pictures of him naked with farm animals. But those are only rumors and I won’t dignify them by researching them to prove them false. Or not false. After all, I am not a highly paid journalist with an agenda and I like to do my research before launching into stories laden with falsehoods that promote an agenda.

I don’t do that.

Later in the broadcast another correspondent went on to say that the evildoer had a perfectly clean record and was legally able to purchase high powered weaponry, the implication being that if people didn’t have second amendment rights this would not have happened.


ABC has not fired Brian Ross for his wanton smear of the Tea Party, has not only smeared all legal gun owners and assaulted their rights, but has set the stage for a drum beat against your Second Amendment rights.

The dinosaur media did the same thing after Columbine, smearing ‘talk radio’ and gun owners, and after the Gabriel Giffords shooting, smearing, among others, Sarah Palin. After Major Nidal Hassan shouted ‘Allahu Akhbar’ and spraying Fort Hood soldiers with gun fire? Not so much.

The Mesozoic-Paleozoic-Hominid-hoping-to-be-Homo-Sapiens-who-matter media have insulted thinking adults in this country for decades with insipid, emotionally charged and totally false reporting for decades.

ABC, we see you teeing up your stupid gun control meme over the next few weeks. We’re not stupid and you’re not exactly subtle. Never let a crisis go to waste, right?

I recommend that the heat be brought to ABC by all good citizens. Click here to give them a piece of your mind. Do it now. Do it often. Brian Ross needs to be fired. And even if he isn’t, ABC needs to hear from you now. Let them know that you won’t be bullied and abused any longer. Remove your media boot from our necks.

CBS eventually fired Dan Rather for his ‘Fake But Accurate’ Texas Air National Guard story smearing George W. Bush. They need to hear from us in a thundering cacaphony.

Exit question.

If one or more persons at the movie theater would have been packing how many fewer dead and wounded would there have been? Sure the police responded quickly, but 2 minutes is a very long time when someone is shooting fish in a barrel.

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Posted by on July 20, 2012 in politics


One response to “It Had To Happen. After ABC News Journalistic Malpractice This Morning Network Triples Down on Evening Broadcast

  1. scrubjay

    July 21, 2012 at 6:39 am

    The movie theater had a “no weapons” policy or as I call it a “come here to kill helpless victims — we disarmed them for you” policy.


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