barackobama: Smudge or Stain?

06 Jul

One quick note to start off with. I will no longer capitalize or separate or give deferrence to the name that I shall no longer state.

It’s like osamabinladen to me. barackobama. Period.

Not saying that barackobama flies airplanes into buildings, but in fact, barackobama has done more damage to this country than osamabinladen ever dreamed possible.

But I digress from my original post……

Is barackobama simply a smudge? Or a stain?

A stain is the permanent defacing of an entity. Fine dress shirts have been discarded due to an unfortunate stain acquired at Italian restaurants.

A smudge, however, is a temporary condition, a situation caused by flying debris or some sort of unfortunate incident.

A smudge, if not attended to properly, can also become a stain.

A flying seagull once crapped on me and it was a really nasty smudge. I grabbed some paper towels and the smudge was gone before it could stain.

I’m thinking obama is just a smudge that a few paper towels can rectify.

barackobama is just a crapping seagull.

Quick. Get it off you or it’ll stain.

barackobama is just a smudge. An unfortunate and temporary incident.

And Timmy Kaine just wishes he was a smudge but he’s just dreaming that he was a flying seagull.

As if, Timmy. You can’t even fly.


One response to “barackobama: Smudge or Stain?

  1. Deborah Sampson

    July 8, 2012 at 12:59 am

    He is neither stain nor smudge…..he IS the crap.


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