In March of 2009 The President directed an elaborate gun running and tracing operation on the Southwest border

29 Jun

We have all heard the president and the attorney general  repeatedly deny any knowledge of Operation Fast and Furious prior to the death of Border Agent Brian Terry. Fast and Furious was an operation to let guns walk across the border into Mexico and then trace these same weapons. This video from 2009 sounds like the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security were, at the direction of the president, embarking on an operation to trace guns in Mexico that were purchased in the United States.

While this press briefing may not directly implicate the President or the Attorney General in specifically authorizing the practice of letting guns walk into Mexico which resulted in the deaths of U.S. border agent, Brian Terry, and hundreds of Mexicans, it does implicate that the President felt the D.O.J, (along with State and DHS) operations along the border were very important and he personally directed action to fight the Mexican drug cartels. We also know that Attorney General Holder along with deputy director David Ogden were boasting about taking several aggressive steps as part of the administrations comprehensive plan.

So we had three cabinet level departments coordinating a comprehensive plan in cooperation with a foreign government, a plan to identify who is putting guns into the hands of gun traffickers, a plan that spawned Operation Fast and Furious, and we are supposed to believe that the Attorney General, the head of the Justice Department, and the president had no knowledge of the gun walking. Let me remind you the President was personally directing actions on an issue that Robert Gibbs said was very important to him. Let me also remind you that while in Mexico in April of 2009 President Obama announced, I’ve asked Eric Holder to do a complete review of how our enforcement operations are currently working and make sure that we’re cutting down on the loopholes that are resulting in some of these drug trafficking problems.

The President was focused and providing direction on the operations on the border and he was directing Eric Holder to thoroughly review these operations in early 2009, it’s not hard to believe they they knew much more about these operations than they are letting on.

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One response to “In March of 2009 The President directed an elaborate gun running and tracing operation on the Southwest border

  1. P. Henry Saddleburr

    June 29, 2012 at 10:31 pm

    The president was involved in taking extreme measures about the border violence right up until his measures resulted in the death of Brian Terry and others, upon which stonewalling and executive privilege were invoked.

    May I remind everone of the protest at the White House on Monday 10-12:30?

    There is something very untoward about what this president was up to and his promise of transparent government is transparently a lie of epic proportions.


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