Obama the Tyrant

26 Jun

What is it with this guy?  Is there nothing about democracy that he respects?

The Supreme Court, in what seems to me to be an incorrect decision, concluded that several portions of Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration bill were unconstitutional. However, the Court did uphold the state’s power to investigate a person’s status when there was a reason to do so. The ability to determine a person’s immigration status hinged upon the state accessing federal information. So what does the Obama administration do? Within hours they cut Arizona off from the cooperative federal-state process so that Arizona is effectively precluded from exercising the authority the Supreme Court says they have.

On so many levels this demonstrates the arrogance and disrespect for democracy that the Obama administration has exhibited over and over again.

Immigration law is passed by Congress. Whether Obama likes it or not the Constitution gives legislative authority to Congress.  It is a threat to our democracy for a President to refuse to enforce the law. A President takes an oath of office which obligates him to faithfully execute the laws. If he cannot or will not do so, he should resign.  A President who thwarts the enforcement of the law is a tyrant.

The American people have the right to expect that we will live under laws passed by our elected representatives and not be subjected to the desperate partisan whims of a President whose administration is crumbling around him.  A President who brazenly, and for reasons of election year politics, refuses to enforce the law is a threat to our republic.  No wonder in his opinion Justice Scalia stated that the federal government’s position “boggles the mind”.

By virtue of unilaterally ending Arizona’s participation in the cooperative federal-state process, not only is the administration intentionally thwarting the enforcement of immigration law which the President swore to uphold, but the President is also violating what the Supreme Court has said Arizona has the authority to do. Perhaps Obama is trying to get in a preemptive slam against the Court in anticipation of having Obamacare overturned on Thursday. I suspect on Thursday the Court will have the last laugh.

Obama has a pattern of anti-democratic actions. The administration refuses to defend the Defense of Marriage Act, he has made illegal recess appointments and he has previously announced that immigration law will not be enforced against minors. Sorry, but minors are the responsibility of their parents and if the parents are illegal and have to be deported the law does not give the minors a pass.

Obama is a lawless tyrant who is attempting to thwart representative government. When he loses big on Thursday at the Supreme Court we’ll see what illegal action he takes next.


Posted by on June 26, 2012 in politics


2 responses to “Obama the Tyrant

  1. P. Henry Saddleburr

    June 26, 2012 at 4:40 pm

    What will Obama do after the overturning of the “Affordable Care Act”? Declare the law Constitutional by Executive Order, declare a national emergency, suspend habeaus corpus and cancel the election. OK. I’m kind of kidding. Everything is on the table with this lawless jug-eared idiot in the White House.

    One last point. We don’t live in a ‘democracy’. We live in a ‘constitutional republic’.

    Or we did.


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