Little Things That Make Me Smile

24 Jun

I was stuck at a railroad crossing tonight and it was a freight train that seemed to have about a million and a half cars.  I was first at the crossing, watching the rusted, mangled, ancient cargo conveyances ad infinitum. 

I even saw a car that still had the Pan Am logo on it.  Yeah.  THAT Pan Am.  The Pan Am that went out of business in 1991.  George H. W. Bush was still president then. 

And I still had hair.

But I digress.

These shuddering, graffitti-festooned rust buckets were a reminder of a once great American empire in decline.  Is it just me or is most graffiti illegible?  I’m not even talking about the stuff in a foreign language, but all of the ghetto graffiti.  It’s real ‘inside baseball’ stuff for the graffiti artist and his or her accolytes.  If there are any.

But after 10 minutes of watching this filthy rust scar pass by me, behold the last car had graffiti that I could actually read! 


It made the whole, pathetic display of rusty ugliness worthwhile.

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