‘Gun Walk Barack’ Goes Full ‘Tricky Dick’ Without the Proper Hardware

20 Jun

Do you remember the line the left celebrated and repeated, ad nauseum, during Nixon’s Watergate ordeal after it was uttered by John Dean, Richard Nixon’s chief legal counsel? 

‘There is a cancer on the presidency,’

Woodward and Bernstein did naked backflips shouting it before the nation, as I recall.

The left was simply orgasmic.

How about ‘What did he know and when did he know it?’ 

That was on parade floats, tee shirts and tattoos at the time.

And then were the ‘Imprick the Peach’ bumperstickers.

NBC’s John Chancellor, CBS’ Walter Cronkite and ABC’s Howard K. Smith and Harry Reasoner hounded Nixon out of office.  For what?  For covering up some petty burglary of some Democratic Committee office, as I recall.

Nobody died during Watergate.

Do you remember the term ‘stonewalling’?  Do you remember Garry Trudeau’s Doonesbury cartoons of the White House gradually disappearing behind walls being constructed in his comic strip, day by day?  I certainly do.

For some reason all of that is coming back to me and I know the blogosphere and the mediasphere are all abuzz about this ‘Executive Privilege’ assertion, which Richard Nixon deployed unsuccessfully.

And just like Obama’s new mentor (the only president Obama hasn’t yet claimed to be the reincarnation of, Richard Nixon), he just did the same stupid thing…although…. unlike in Nixon’s case this crime is actually WORSE than the coverup.  O’Vomit just invoked Executive Privilege.

I would be having a Schadenfreude moment if people hadn’t been murdered because of ‘Gun Walk Barack’.  But hundreds did die, including at least two American heros.

There is a cancer on the presidency.  What did Gun Walk Barack know and when did he know it?  Why is Gun Walk Barack stonewalling?

They used to call Richard Nixon ‘Tricky Dick’.  ‘Gun Walk Barack’ may not be quite as catchy, but it’s worth consideration and it’s a challenge to readers.

Come up with something better.


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