Associated Press: Purveyors of Journalistic Malpractice

19 Jun

I was driving into town today and the radio broke in for the 4pm news from AP Radio Network.   There was this and that, about the G20 and nothing much of note until they said this:

An Army Psychiarist was denied admittance to his military tribunal because of his beard.

That was it.  End of story.

I may not have the exact phraseology exactly right but it was that abrupt and without further elaboration.  

Associated Press spent one word per slain soldier that Islamic terrorist Major Nidal Hassan  murdered at Fort Hood.  Plus one extra word for the 29 others he wounded that day. There was absolutely no explanation about what the trial was about.

Not one word about the carnage this muslim bastard unleashed on his Army comrades.  Not one word about his extremism.  Not one word about how this man has lived the high life as an American citizen, a citizen only because America let his parents immigrate from Palestine, a hell hole that should cause most people to thank their lucky stars to have escaped from.

No.  The way the AP cast it, it almost sounded like poor Nidal Hassan was being denied his rights in court because of a silly beard….or something.  It’s simply a procedural matter, you see.

The Associated Press is guilty of journalistic malpractice and gross insensitivity to the victims.  The Associated Press is also guilty of violating their constitutional duty, as supposed journalists, to inform the public.

Update:  I have sadly been informed that one of the deceased was pregnant.  So Hassan did kill 14 people. 

I missed that in any AP account.

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