Mark It. 6/8/2012. Obama Face Plants. American People Not Impressed. It’s Over.

08 Jun

Mark this date on your historical calendar.

This was the day that Barack Hussein Obama lost his re-election bid and this day was also the day that the Democratic Party split. They either joined hands and jumped off the cliff to electoral obscurity with Obama or they huddled together to determine how they can possibly distance themselves from Obama and try to represent the will of the American people. One can’t do both. You’re in one camp or your in the other.

Either way, they’re all screwed. Thankfully.

First thing this morning was the Obama presser, where he laid out out his economic vision wherein there was Obama’s declaration that the private sector was doing ‘just fine’, thereby showing that the man hasn’t the foggiest idea of the pain and suffering that is occuring on the streets of America, with unemployment and underemployment hovering around 20% of the population.

The Private Sector is doing Fine.

Businesses are shuttering. Restaurants are closing….

You know. The stuff we witness with our own eyes every day. Family, friends and colleagues are losing their jobs.

The Private sector is doing Fine.

We see it. But Barack Hussein Kardashian doesn’t see it as he whisks through our cities on his way to fund raisers. He doesn’t see that the hardware store is gone. He doesn’t see that the Mom and Pop diner is gone. And he doesn’t give a flying fig, either.

And, like the good third world dictator that he fancies himself to be, this d’bag actually has the temerity to utter the bovine excrement that used to work, the Jedi mind tricks that used to work, the card tricks that used to work, the magic act that used to work………

I..I’ in love with you..

It’s over asshole. Today proved it. How do you say, ‘get out of town’ in Kenyan?

You’re pretty.

You say pretty things.

You’re finished. We don’t need pretty.

We need a president.

Mark your calendars. June 8, 2012. It all ended for the glitterati president on this day.


Posted by on June 8, 2012 in politics


2 responses to “Mark It. 6/8/2012. Obama Face Plants. American People Not Impressed. It’s Over.

  1. JHW

    June 8, 2012 at 11:08 pm

    Swahili for get out of town; kutoka nje ya mji

  2. P. Henry Saddleburr

    June 8, 2012 at 11:25 pm

    I’m going to have to take you at your word on that translation.

    My only language skills revolve around Pee Wee Herman. Mecca Lecca Hy Mecca Hynie Ho.


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