Fear Not the Obama. He’s Riding a Long Term Losing Streak

06 Jun

Super Zero

Tell me. What, exactly, have the Democrats won since the Great Immaculation?

2009: Virginia swept away its legacy of two consecutive Democrat Governors by electing Republican Bob McDonnell, along with Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling and the exceptional Ken Cuccinelli as Attorney General. Republicans also took a larger majority in the House of Delegates.

In New Jersey they elected Chris Christie as Governor, the first Republican to win a statewide election in the Garden State in 12 years.

2010: In Massachusetts, Scott Brown took Teddy Kennedy’s Senate seat on January 19th.

Then there was the November bloodbath, when the people tossed 58 members of Congress, 5 Senators and 53 Representatives. Remember Blanche Lincoln, Alan Grayson and Bob “Who are YOU?” Etheridge?

And the bloodbath manifested itself up and down the ticket, with governorships, state houses, and county leadership abruptly lurching decisively to the right. For instance, the Texas State House went from a 77-73 GOP edge to 103 seats in the Republican column, causing other Democrats to make the decision to change parties.

The one notable exception this bloodbath was the re-election of Harry Reid, but I contend that if it were not for the fact that SEIU technicians were controlling the electronic voting machines in Clark County, that would also have been a ‘W’ for Republicans, although Sharron Angle was not much of a candidate.

2012: And then there was the recall yesterday, where the Democrats and the unions were resoundingly thrashed. It was embarrassing.

Additionally, many localities, like San Diego yesterday, have had success by putting government pension reform on the ballot. San Diegans voted 70% in favor of such reforms, going head to head against government employee unions.

I don’t wish you to become over confident, but if we put together a good ground game our national nightmare may soon be drawing to a conclusion.


One response to “Fear Not the Obama. He’s Riding a Long Term Losing Streak

  1. Pedro

    June 6, 2012 at 12:05 pm

    I love the way our local liberal rag (AP) characterized a 53%-46% drubbing as Walker “Surviving” the recall…


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