Joe Biden: If it Weren’t for the Wonderfulness of Big Government Barack, Michelle, Jill and I Wouldn’t Have Had the Opportunity to Inflict Our Special Purpose Upon the American People

05 Jun

Or something.

If this doesn’t make the case for limited government…the case cannot be made.

“I know, literally, Barack and I talk about it. Neither one of us would have had any shot,” Biden said. “The same with our wives. Both wives are smarter than both of us. Literally, these very accomplished women would not have any chance without some help.”

I can see why Biden HEARTS Big Government.

Biden himself proves that government embraces the stupid, promotes them, shelters them and pays them lavishly. In the private sector he’d be picking up trash after sporting events.

As for Barack, he’s learned how to not only game the government system, but has profited lucratively from it, studied it and urges others to be fellow Playahs.

I don’t know Jill Biden, but she’s made her bacon from government and as for Moochelle, she has long enjoyed the opulence offered by the taxpayer…on steroids, all the while hating this country and wagging her finger in our faces. Mary Antoinette was magnanimous and gracious compared to the First Lady.

Aside from elected Democrats and their remora spouses, I know plenty of dumber than average people who have profited handsomely by taking government jobs. That’s not to say they all are, but it’s an undeniable trend from what I’ve seen.

I, myself, took an internship with the Department of Labor in DC during college. It would have been the easy way out to parlay that internship into a full time job, but I am not one to plod through life like a draft animal, pulling a plow. Or simply taking a paycheck while refusing to pull that plow, which some 30 years later, seems to be the mentality. It was bad when I was there. It’s exponentially worse now.

Government workers, active duty military excluded, are like my Bernese Mountain Dog. Classified as a ‘working dog’ at the dog shows, she’s never worked a day in her life. And government workers, classified as ‘public servants’, have never served anyone other than themselves at the all-you-can-eat taxpayer buffet.

What really, really riles me?

One acquaintance in particular. He bumbled from active duty Navy to a job on the civilian side of the Navy. Because of his last name, that being hispanic, he was hyper promoted to a GS-15+, even though the man has difficulty forming a complete, coherent sentence. Upon retirement at age 56, or thereabouts, he got a lump sum for his unused sick leave, and because of his step/pay grade, he has a lucravitve retirement. I guess when your 57 you are of no further service and should be put out to the six figure pasture.

That’s irksome enough.

But when we see each other ocassionally he rubs it in your face.

Keep paying me, suckas. He makes nearly as much in retirement as I do struggling in the private sector day to day. And I am considered pretty well compensated.

And then this asshole says stuff like ‘I wonder what the poor people are doing tonight’. And he votes for Obama.

Oh. And YOU paid for his yacht and mini-mansion.

The peculiar part? He didn’t even own a car when we were room mates. He was flat busted, broke. And then, all of a sudden he’s noveau riche, with the attitude to go with it.

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Posted by on June 5, 2012 in politics


One response to “Joe Biden: If it Weren’t for the Wonderfulness of Big Government Barack, Michelle, Jill and I Wouldn’t Have Had the Opportunity to Inflict Our Special Purpose Upon the American People

  1. Pedro

    June 5, 2012 at 10:49 pm

    Yikes! I feel rather ‘disenfranchised’ myself at 60 and no retirement in sight. I too know this fellow and since have come to know several others riding the public sector gravy train. The six figure retirements complete with both health and life insurance grate in my craw as well. I often feel that I should have been a postman. I had my chance at that but felt my destiny was bigger. Shame on me perhaps.

    Wait, no. Wisconsin could just herald the beginning of a return to sanity. I sure hope so.


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