27 May

These video links were sent to me by my friend Dimitry after an event in Boca Raton Florida where UN Ambassador Susan Rice was sent to shill for Obama at synagogue led by leftist Rabbi David Steinhardt.

Dimitry knows a thing or two about being escorted out for speaking his beliefs:

It was a long time ago when Soviet goons were escorting me out in handcuffs. American ones, hired by fellow-Jews, are much kinder: no handcuffs. However, the meaning is the same: I was a non-conforming anti-communist then, I am a non-conforming anti-obamist now. Either way – I was taken out. Back in the USSR.

Dimitry is in the red shirt.

The narration is a little over-the-top, but in this first video, watch how the elderly gentleman is treated by a fellow Jew. And in true leftist fashion, the gatekeeper cannot provide a reason beyond, “because I said so”.

Dimitry and a few others were able to gain access into the event, however, it wasn’t long before they were asked to leave by security:

Several years ago I had two elderly customers, a couple, both survivors of the holocaust. Each of them bore a permanent tatoo of the number given to them at the concentration camp. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the day I saw that number for the first time. So it surprises me that there are so many who profess to be liberals first and Jews second.

“One thing we can learn from history, is that Jews never learn from history.”

Rabbi Meir Kahane

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