Learning to be an American from Afar is Like Trying to Learn a Dance Step from a Book

25 May

Here’s how to Salsa. From a book.

I could no longer learn about what it is to be an American from a book than I could learn to dance the Salsa from a book, but that’s what Barry Soetro did when he was raised by his anti-American, socialist mother and muslim father while he was raised in Indonesia. And I’m still not sure I understand his prolonged vists to PockyStahn.

But that book apparently didn’t include recitations from the Declaration or the Constitution. I think that the book Barry Soetro was taught from was very little. And really, really Red.

It might be possible to be raised overseas as a true American if the parents embraced the beauty of the American ideal. Free individuals living in a society where all individuals are given the opportunity to achieve their dreams and that all of those dreams are possible through hard work and vision. No guarantees are offered. Opportunity is offered. And it all works because of the rule of law.

But that’s not how Barry Soetro was raised.

When young Barry reached stateside he had a chip on his shoulder about this country. His parents and mentors ingrained within him that America is a contemptible country, a scourge upon the earth. This hatred and animostiy for America continues to this day, however, he learned one useful thing from his father and step father and part time mother;

Street theater and thuggery are useful tools to browbeat ordinary Americans into a fearful submission. That’s how Barack Obama won the Presidency. If you didn’t vote for him you’re racist, the ultimate crime in polite society.

Using agitation, intimidation, with a little street theater throughout his presidency, for instance, singing a pop song like “I’m so in love with you” before his swoonging accolytes is all he has left.

That’s why he only appears before college children. He dare not appear before real adults, with real adult jobs, real adult concerns, or anything resembling reality in general.

The man has intentionally destroyed the country because he hates it and YOU, while singing beautiful songs to you. You’ve been properly snuggle-thugged.

He’s just an ordinary street performer who corners you and demands a dollar for the performance. He has a beautiful singing voice and evil intentions.

I’ve strode the streets of DC, Boston, New Orleans and other places. I never felt that a street performer/community organizer would make much of a president and always calculated an exit strategy because the undesired street perfomer always has nefarious intentions.

My gut and my past experience has always been right.

Run for it, America. Finish this.

This guy is not an American, even if he technically qualifies.


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