It’s not working

21 May

It’s not working. I mean that on so many levels. Most importantly I mean that it is not working for President Obama and his campaign. Day after day, it is one rebuke after another.   As he continues to weaken in the polls it won’t be long until you hear the Obama campaign expressing the loser’s lament that “the only poll that counts is the election”.


·         The manufactured so-called Republican “War on Women” turned out to be a minefield, but not how the President expected. That one blew up in the Obama campaign’s face.

·         The recent manufactured criticism of Bain Capital has even been rebuked by some Democrats. The American people do respect business people, admire success and realize how difficult that can be to achieve. Mitt 1, Obama 0.

·         The DNC has decided not to put any more resources into trying to defeat Scott Walker in Wisconsin. The DNC knows they have been beaten.  The left and the labor unions have spent lots of money on this and will end up with nothing to show for it. More states need a Scott Walker and the people know it.

·         Romney is pulling ahead with Independent voters. They will determine the election outcome.  I surmise that once the independents make up their minds Obama will not be able to win them back with his divisive, class warfare, anti-business politics. I think a lot of people are just sick and tired of Obama and the endless recession he has foisted on the country.

·         Obama’s unwillingness to face up to problems is unbelievable. At the Camp David G-8 meeting he suggested Europe give up austerity (of course European austerity has no relation to the actual meaning of the word austerity).  Angela Merkel was being pressured into supporting a looser monetary policy on the part of the European Central Bank (Question: What monetary policy is looser than the ECB’s?  Trick question, there can’t be a monetary policy looser than the ECB’s).  I have a suggestion. Everyone is worried about Greece getting out of the Euro. Here is a better idea. Germany should beat them to the punch and get out of the Euro first.  Let the leftist, socialist, loser nations fend for themselves.  At least Germany, the only reasonably functioning economy remaining in the Euro zone, will not go down by endlessly bailing out ungrateful countries which have no intention of actually fixing the problems they have created for themselves.

·         Rumor has it (probably false) that Joe Biden may be dumped from the ticket and replaced by Hillary Clinton. That is a sign of desperation if there ever were one and this after being called an “amateur” by Bill Clinton. Amateur is not the right word, but this is a family blog.

The left is crumbling.  There is hope for change!  Regime change in 2012!


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2 responses to “It’s not working

  1. P. Henry Saddleburr

    May 21, 2012 at 9:15 pm

    I guess that’s why Romney’s campaign seized on the slogan, “Obama’s Not Working”.

    This pretty much disproves the notion that Obama is a Muslim because Gambling is forbidden in Islam. He’s gambling on everything. Bain Capital, the Arab Spring, the war on women, his NATO agreements on Afghanistan, increasing Food Stamp dependency by 70%, $5 Trillion in additional debt, and he just might roll the dice on Hillary.

  2. Deborah Sampson

    May 22, 2012 at 11:08 am

    John D’oh – brilliant suggestion for Germany to dump the Euro.


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