Hey, Mr. Nobel Peace Prize Prez Obama? Since You’re Shamelessly Spiking the Ball Over the Killing of Osama Now That Election Season is Here …

28 Apr

…I offer up a new bumpersticker campaign for you, emphasizing the other things you’ve Killed.

On purpose.

And with your Killing of the Economy necessarily follows….

And if that weren’t enough…You had to kill the best healthcare system in the world…

And if your killing machine wasn’t satistfied…

Here’s a symbol of American exceptionalism, the death of which you must be most proud…

You’re a real killer, Mr. President. I apologize that I didn’t have time to draw up stickers for your campaign that cover the vast array of things you’ve killed, with things like, ya know, Middle East stability vs. Israeli security, American spirit, Hope, Family Values, the Rule of Law, the sanctity of free and fair elections… the little stuff.

But that’s all I could contribute for now.

Thank me when you get a chance.

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Posted by on April 28, 2012 in politics


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