Wishful Thinking: Steny Hoyer Says Dems Will Take Back The House in 2012

25 Apr

House Minority Whip Hoyer is off his meds again. Rut Roh.

Of course, Stimpy only breathes the rarefied air of deep blue Maryland and Washington, DC. He thinks that the Democrats are so over-the-top popular that they’ll overcome the ass wuppin’ they received in 2010. He also thinks that high gas prices, plummeting home values, and high food prices don’t render consequences or are not noticed by the electorate.

Yeah. I know that it is his job to promote the Democrats’ fantasies, just like that Nancy Pelosi and Debbie-WashMyHair-Schultz.

But this recent presser makes Baghdad Bob seem rational.

Hey Stimpy! Wha’s up wid dis here chart?

Since 2002 a 15% drop in people saying that they have enough money to live comfortably, decidely worse in the last 3 years.

That’s the kind of economic destruction of American households that is certain to guarantee your party’s resurgence back to the majority.

Thanks for the laugh, though.

And since your opinion bears no more weight than mine, I predict that the Republicans will pick up even more seats in the House, the Republicans will also take the Senate and the White House.

And let’s not forget the Department of Labor’s new 85 page regulation on kids growing up on farms. When sissy panted city slickers isolated in work cubes in government think farms dictate that farming and ranching chores are to be PROHIBITED by government fiat, well, you’ve so overreached as to make yourselves objects of derision as well as instructive of the dangers of an all powerful central government.

Just a reminder. Most farm kids know how to handle a pitchfork, even if you’ve never actually seen one.

And then there are your impending losses in the Supreme Court over Obamacare and the big fail on your suit against Arizona which wishes to control the border.

You guys are on such a roll I can see how you’d get cocky.

But hear me know.

We’re going to Slow Jam this election right up your rectal canals. You’re finished. It’d be best for you to save yourselves the embarassment and simply resign at this time. Do you really want to receive the drubbing you’re about to receive?

I’m getting just a little excited about the humiliation you’re about to get.


One response to “Wishful Thinking: Steny Hoyer Says Dems Will Take Back The House in 2012

  1. John D'Oh

    April 26, 2012 at 10:59 am

    Hey, Saddleburr, how do you really feel?


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