Briefly noted

17 Apr
  • Ann Romney has recently been criticized by the left for never having worked. So what does the left call giving birth five times? 
  • A Gallup poll had Mitt Romney ahead of President Obama.  Obama administration hatchet man David Axelrod immediately criticized the pollster’s methodology in that the sample does not reflect the likely electorate in 2012. How does Axelrod know that? Now maybe if the administration is planning massive voter fraud, then he would know something Gallup does not.
  • Jay Leno has joked that “even Obama is doing worse under President Obama”.  So who will the President vote for?  Hmm….who will Michelle vote for? Under Obama the country is much worse off….but that is no joke, Jay.
  • This is so bizarre it has to be true. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has compelled a pig farmer to shoot his pigs under the theory that the pigs are an invasive specie. It certainly seems that the Department of Natural Resources has firsthand knowledge of what an invasive specie is.
  • Those dastardly House Republicans want to cut food stamps and child tax credits for illegal immigrants. All in the name of trying to reduce the deficit.  It’s a good thing they didn’t do something really stupid like cutting $500 billion from Medicare in order to force people into Medicaid.  





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