Wednesday Afternoon Pick Me Up: Romney Leads Obama 46-40 in Virginia

11 Apr

In the latest poll from Roanoke College, Romney is beating Obama handily in Virginia, which went to Obama in 2008 53-46%.

Things aren’t going well for the light giver, although the campaign is busy registering voters and will spend lavishly in the Commonwealth, so this is no time to get complacent or cocky. 

Also included in the survey, the likely Republican Senate nominee, George Allen, leads former Governor and DNC Chief, Tim Kaine 44-36%.

This is among Virginia residents, the numbers change slightly when narrowed down to registered voters.

The Roanoke College Poll interviewed 603 Virginia residents between March 26 and April 5 and has a margin of error of +4%. Screening for registered voters (N=537) reduces Allen’s lead to seven points (46%-39%) and Romney’s lead to five points (46%-41%).

The survey goes on to say that Republicans are suffering from an enthusiasm gap, which is probably true. People aren’t head over heels in love with either Romney or Allen, but the motivation gap to make sure we don’t get stuck with Obama or Kaine outstrips any supposed enthusiasm that exists on the other side for those knuckleheads.


One response to “Wednesday Afternoon Pick Me Up: Romney Leads Obama 46-40 in Virginia

  1. Saddlesore

    April 12, 2012 at 4:24 pm has Florida (29), Iowa (6), Missouri (10), New Hampshire (4), North Carolina (15) and Virginia (13) as tossup states in the election. The number of electoral votes is in ().

    Some of those really surprise me. Is Virginia really a toss up and not even leaning Republican? Maybe to put Florida in the Republican column Rubio needs to be VP.


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